Enna Burning Short Essay - Answer Key

Shannon Hale
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1. Who does Leifer complain about at the beginning of the book, and why?

At the beginning of the book, Leifer complains about the city folk and the way they treat the Forest Born when they come to the city. He complains about this because he has just returned from a trip to the city.

2. Why does Leifer think the Forest Born were given citizenship?

Leifer feels that the only reason the City decided to give Forest Born people citizenship in the city is so they could sign them up for the war that is brewing between Bayern and a neighboring threat.

3. What does Finn say about Leifer after Enna's skirt catches fire?

After Enna's skirt catches fire, Leifer tells Enna that he thinks Leifer has discovered a way to speak to fire the way that Isi is able to speak to wind.

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