Enna Burning Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Shannon Hale
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Section 1: Prologue and Chapter 1

• A woman runs from the village that she has just burned and buries a piece of vellum that holds the secret to her gift of fire, and then burns to death herself.

• Enna is tending the hearth when the embers go out. She goes to a neighbor's house to borrow some, but when she comes back Leifer is there and the fire is lit.

• Enna sees him hide a piece of vellum but he says nothing about it. Leifer complains about the city people and the way they treated him. He breaks a bowl and leaves.
• Finn comes to help Enna with her chores and they get along well. Leifer comes back and says he thinks the king wants the Forest born to fight in a war.

• He says nasty things about Isi, the princess and Enna's best friend. When Enna defends Isi, her...

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