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Chapter 1, Third

• The book begins with voices arguing about Ender and whether or not he is safe to be trained.

• The world needs a boy to save them against the Buggers, an alien population that has tried to destroy Earth twice.

• Ender is teased at school by Stilson for being a third. Ender says it was the government who approved this, not him.

• After school, Stilson’s gang tries to attack Ender, but he fights back.and severely injures Stilson. Ender feels remorseful about it and cries.

Chapter 2, Peter

• Ender comes home and talks with his older brother, Peter, and sister, Valentine. Ender is torn because he is aggressive like Peter and compassionate like Valentine.

• Peter is glad to hear Ender lost his monitoring and hates the idea that a younger sibling is superior in some way to him.

• Peter begins beating on Ender and almost kills him...

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