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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is clear that Grace loves Cindy more than ____________.
(a) Zack
(b) Max
(c) Miles
(d) David

2. Irene has no tolerance for ____________________.
(a) bad manners
(b) contemplation
(c) tomatoes
(d) bigotry

3. What does Janine call to tell Miles?
(a) Walt is dead
(b) She has cancer
(c) She has split up with Walt
(d) The Empire Grill burned down

4. What type of flower does Tick paint in its current, not prime, condition?
(a) A peony
(b) A daisy
(c) A rose
(d) A daffodil

5. Where did John Voss' parents put him as an infant so they could party?
(a) In a laundry sack hanging in the closet
(b) In a locked bedroom
(c) At the neighbors' house
(d) In a playpen

Short Answer Questions

1. At what table do Tick and John Voss sit every day?

2. Where have Miles and Tick spent the winter recuperating?

3. What does the woman at the health club say her nephew will do with her when she dies?

4. What does Walt tell Bea she should buy for the bar?

5. During her employment, Miles' mother grows fond of _____________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Irene Walsh?

2. Describe John Voss' history as revealed to Principal Meyer in John's file.

3. What are the possible implications now that Miles knows that C.B. Whiting was also Charlie Mayne?

4. Describe Sunday afternoons in Bea's bar.

5. Who is Bill Taylor?

6. Explain why Principal Meyer feels that Zack Minty is following in the Minty family footsteps of brutal behavior.

7. What was the nature of David's relationship with his mother that perpetuates negative life choices?

8. What are the events that occur when Principal Meyer visits John Voss' house?

9. What are the anonymous notes and why does Principal Meyer think it was Zack who sent them?

10. What is the metaphor of John Voss dragging his grandmother's body to the dump?

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