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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the unpopular kid that the school principal pushes off on Tick?
(a) Josh Vincent
(b) Mike MacKenzie
(c) John Vaughn
(d) John Voss

2. Where does Zack ask Tick to go?
(a) The skating rink
(b) The diner
(c) The football game
(d) The movies

3. Why is Janine fixated on this number?
(a) It is her house number
(b) It is the amount of her water bill
(c) It is the yard line where her seat is located
(d) It is Walt's true age

4. In what state does the story take place?
(a) Massachusetts
(b) Montana
(c) Vermont
(d) Maine

5. What is Miles' mother's job?
(a) A secretary at the factory
(b) A waitress at a tavern
(c) A nurse at the hospital
(d) Personal assistant to Mrs. Whiting

6. Who accompanies Zack to get pizza after the game?
(a) Father Tom and John Voss
(b) Tick and Miles
(c) Tick and Max
(d) Tick and John Voss

7. What does Miles discover from the newspaper photo?
(a) C.B. Whiting is the man he knew as Charles Mayne
(b) There are no black people in the photo
(c) The mill has burned down
(d) The people are all dead now

8. Jimmy's father teaches him that all things are determined by an elite group who _________________________________.
(a) "have the whole thing figured out"
(b) "have better educations"
(c) "have a head start on life"
(d) "don't give a damn about other people"

9. What does John Voss' lunch smell like?
(a) Bad breath
(b) Fish
(c) Limburger cheese
(d) Industrial waste

10. What is the name of Francine's cat?
(a) Tassie
(b) Rasputin
(c) Tumbleweed
(d) Timmy

11. What did Cindy once do because of her love for Miles?
(a) Carved their names in a tree
(b) Attempted suicide
(c) Married his brother
(d) Hired a skywriter

12. Where had Cindy taken Miles yesterday after the game?
(a) Her apartment
(b) The cemetery
(c) The movies
(d) A coffee shop

13. Who sometimes takes Cindy to the cemetery?
(a) David
(b) Father Tom
(c) James Minty
(d) Miles

14. What does Miles think David grows at his house?
(a) Marijuana
(b) Tomatoes
(c) Watermelons
(d) Green beans

15. Who does Miles find asleep at the counter of the Grill in Part 3, Chapter 18?
(a) Janine
(b) Father Tom
(c) Max
(d) Buster

Short Answer Questions

1. On what number is Janine fixated as she sits at the ballgame?

2. What does Zack break in the cafeteria?

3. Who is Zack Minty?

4. What did Miles do when he caught Janine in bed with Walt?

5. Who is the older priest at St. Catherine's Catholic Church?

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