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Prologue | Part 1, Chapter 1

• The setting of the story is Empire Falls, a small town in Maine on the Knox River.

• The Whiting family is the town's wealthiest and most powerful family.

• The Whiting family has always owned the town's industries including logging, paper, textiles and clothing.

• C.B. Whiting had spent ten years in Mexico before returning home to run the family businesses.

• C.B. builds an ostentatious Spanish-style house on the river where he encounters a moose carcass one day and determines to change the course of the water's flow.

• C.B. marries Francine Robideaux and the marriage is not a happy one.

• In the present day, Empire Falls is in an economic downturn.

• C.B. is gone and Francine runs all the Whiting family concerns.

• The most notable establishment in town is the Empire Grill which is managed by Miles Roby upon whom Mrs. Whiting has...

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