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Robert D. Richardson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Mind on Fire is the story of what?
(a) Emerson's marriage.
(b) Emerson's intellectual career.
(c) Emerson's literary development.
(d) Emerson's family.

2. How did the event described in the Prologue change Emerson's life?
(a) He gave up his independence and settled down.
(b) His religious beliefs took him away from the church.
(c) He retreated into solitude.
(d) He secluded himself to write his first work.

3. What trouble did the Emerson family encounter around the time of Emerson's engagement?
(a) His brother died of tuberculosis.
(b) His mother fell ill.
(c) His brother had a mental breakdown.
(d) His father died.

4. What does Richardson say was happening as Emerson and his brother Charles grew closer?
(a) Charles' health was declining.
(b) Charles was leaving the church.
(c) Charles was subscribing to Emerson's new confidence about religion.
(d) Charles was expecting his first child.

5. How does Richardson characterize Emerson's feelings on returning to America?
(a) Depressed about coming home.
(b) Despairing about finding a career.
(c) Impatient to begin new work.
(d) Anxious about finding his family well.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Emerson's first son's name?

2. Who came to live with Emerson after his brother Charles died?

3. According to Richardson, what religious belief did Emerson turn toward while Ellen Tucker was dying?

4. What 1837 event related to slavery does Richardson say affected Emerson's emotional state?

5. What stance did Emerson take on American literature?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did Emerson travel in Europe?

2. What was Emerson's relationship with Margaret Fuller?

3. What was Emerson's relationship with the Abolition movement?

4. How does Richardson describe Emerson as a student?

5. How close was the Emerson family after Emerson's return from Europe?

6. How was Emerson's intellectual interest changed by Ellen's illness and decline?

7. What was Emerson's relationship with tuberculosis?

8. How was Emerson's "American Scholar" talk received?

9. How was the period surrounding Emerson's marriage a time of mixed blessings?

10. What was the 'immovable anchor' in Emerson's thinking, according to Richardson?

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