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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bill do to Ellen on New Year's Eve?

2. What is the weather like at the funeral service?

3. What present does Ellen receive from Starletta's family?

4. The day after the funeral, where does Ellen prepare to go?

5. Who visits Ellen at school after she is a ward of the state?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Ellen's obsessive side shown in Chapter 6?

2. Using details from the text, describe how Ellen spends her time at Nadine's house.

3. At the funeral, why does Ellen avoid looking at her mother's grave?

4. What types of new experiences is Ellen exposed to at her stay with Julia and Roy?

5. How does Ellen's grandmother cause a scene at the funeral?

6. In Chapter 11, Ellen tells the reader that her grandmother passed away. Ellen feels that in her death her grandmother left "the score two to one". What score is Ellen referring to and why does Ellen make this statement?

7. How does Ellen's selection of gifts show that Ellen has to take responsibility for herself?

8. How does the author create a reversal of the mother-daughter role in the novel?

9. How does the fact that Ellen is concerned with snakes in her new life hint at how she feels about the members of her family?

10. In Chapter 10 the reader is introduced to Ellen's naivety. Even though Ellen is wise beyond her years, what does Ellen think about the sharecroppers who work on her grandmother's farm?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ellen describes her 11th birthday in detail in the text. Why is this birthday significant to Ellen and her journey to her new life? How does Ellen previously celebrate her birthdays?

Essay Topic 2

During Ellen's mother's funeral, it was raining. How is the rain a symbol of the hardships/storms coming up in Ellen's life?

Essay Topic 3

Using details from class discussions and from the text, describe how the author created a dualism in Ellen's life.

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