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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing that Dora doesn't have?
(a) A doll house.
(b) A boyfriend.
(c) A bicycle.
(d) A best friend.

2. What request does Ellen consider asking her new mama?
(a) If she can go out to eat.
(b) If she can move out.
(c) If she can have $100.
(d) If Starletta can stay over.

3. How does Ellen respond to her grandmother's reply as to why her grandmother hates her?
(a) She replied that it was her mother's fault.
(b) She replied that she didn't do anything.
(c) She did not reply.
(d) She replied that she hated her, too.

4. What is Ellen's grandmother's response when Ellen asks her grandmother why she hates her?
(a) Every time she looks at Ellen, she sees Ellen's mother.
(b) Every time she looks at Ellen, she sees Ellen's father.
(c) Every time she looks at Ellen, she sees her husband.
(d) She said she didn't hate Ellen.

5. What does Stella do in the back of the bus?
(a) Draw.
(b) Stella didn't ride the bus.
(c) Fool around with boys.
(d) Smoke.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many guests does Ellen invite to her birthday party?

2. What does Ellen's grandmother vow to Ellen?

3. What does Ellen do a lot of while at her new temporary residence after her grandmother's death?

4. What one thing does Ellen not do for her mother?

5. Who leaves envelopes of money in Ellen's mailbox?

Short Essay Questions

1. Using details from the text, describe Ellen and her grandmother's relationship.

2. Why does Ellen begin signing her papers with the last name Foster?

3. Ellen had to go to court to decide whose custody Ellen should be in. Describe what happened in court.

4. Using details from the text, describe how Ellen spends her time at Nadine's house.

5. In Chapter 10 the reader is introduced to Ellen's naivety. Even though Ellen is wise beyond her years, what does Ellen think about the sharecroppers who work on her grandmother's farm?

6. In Chapter 11, Ellen tells the reader that her grandmother passed away. Ellen feels that in her death her grandmother left "the score two to one". What score is Ellen referring to and why does Ellen make this statement?

7. In Chapter 9, Ellen's father shows up at her school; using details from the text describe the scene that followed.

8. Why is Ellen worried about her grandmother dying?

9. Why do Ellen and Starletta keep a list?

10. What happens to Julia and Roy after Ellen moves out?

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