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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ellen change her last name to?
(a) Jones.
(b) Foster.
(c) Williams.
(d) Smith.

2. What is Julia as a child?
(a) A movie star.
(b) A baker.
(c) A teacher.
(d) A flower child.

3. What is Dora and Nadine's response to Ellen's Christmas gift?
(a) Sorrow.
(b) Fake joy.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Anger.

4. On what day of the week does Ellen see the school counselor?
(a) Thursdays.
(b) Fridays.
(c) Tuesdays.
(d) Mondays.

5. In what room does Ellen stay at her first temporary home?
(a) The guest room.
(b) The attic.
(c) The garage.
(d) The living room.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Ellen from working so hard in the fields?

2. What does Julia encourage Ellen to do?

3. Who is keeping tabs on Ellen and her father for Ellen's grandmother?

4. Who is Julia?

5. What does Ellen almost forget?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why didn't Dora want to tell Ellen about Dora and Nadine's usual Christmas ritual?

2. How does Ellen celebrate her 11th birthday?

3. In what ways does Ellen's grandmother display paranoia?

4. Using detail from the text to support your answer, why does Ellen decide to treat Nadine's residence like a hotel?

5. During Ellen's Christmas stay at Nadine's, what does Ellen hope for?

6. How does Ellen express a lack of belonging throughout Chapters 1-8?

7. Why does Ellen dread the day that Starletta 'forgot about her"?

8. Why does Ellen begin signing her papers with the last name Foster?

9. What are some of the family secrets that Ellen uncovers/discovers while Ellen is living with her grandmother?

10. In Chapter 9, Ellen's father shows up at her school; using details from the text describe the scene that followed.

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