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Chapter 1

• The story opens with Ellen's thoughts of killing her father.

• Ellen goes on to say that she never had to follow through with the murder because her father drank himself to death.

• Ellen then tells about her new life as a ward of the county.

• As a foster child Ellen is properly fed, clothed and loved; these luxuries were never part of her former life.

• Ellen, in her new life, speaks of her weekly psych sessions at school; she reveals that she used to be scared in her former life.
• Ellen begins to describe her mother, who is deceased.

• Ellen feels that her mother died from tiredness.

• In the past again, Ellen feels that her father is a monster and her mother is weak (emotionally and physically).

• The story alternates back and forth between Ellen's old and new lives.

• Ellen alerts the reader that her father is...

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