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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can Riley accept?
(a) Cy's need for a girlfriend.
(b) Horror, sin, evil and lunacy as truth on a par with the love of God and beatific goodness.
(c) Riley's need for alcohol.
(d) Cy's need to care for his mother.

2. What are Riley's rules of courtship?
(a) To keep his professional life and sexual life seperate.
(b) To slap, grip, fist and dog-mount women.
(c) To court for at least a day before sex.
(d) To treat them tenderly under the needle and harshly under him.

3. Upon what does the town council frown?
(a) On school being closed on Fridays.
(b) On boys younger than 10 on the beach without a parent.
(c) On the sick people Cy's mother nurses.
(d) On mixed bathing and skimpy outfits.

4. Where does Riley take Cy for his first visit to a pub?
(a) The Dog and Partridge.
(b) The Partidge Tree.
(c) The Dog and Pony Inn.
(d) The Lion's Den.

5. What can Riley not bear to inscribe on Cy?
(a) Any religious symbols.
(b) The word death.
(c) Reeda's name.
(d) The name of Cy's lover.

Short Answer Questions

1. What amazes Cy?

2. Where does Cy work?

3. Who is Colin Willacy?

4. What is the most important thing to remember about the man in question #61?

5. What convinces Cy that the first part of his life is ended?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cy's mother Reeda respond to his possible apprenticeship with Riley?

2. How does Cy's apprenticeship fare and what is an important lesson Cy learns?

3. How does Riley explain the colors used in tattooing?

4. With what does the young Cy struggle?

5. Why do many women come to Riley's tattoo parlor?

6. How does Cy's afternoon employment foreshadow his future work?

7. What do you think is a boggart and how is it used?

8. What is the effect of alcohol on Riley?

9. What marks Cy's transition from boyhood to manhood?

10. There are many instances of foreshadowing in this opening section. Name one and venture a guess as to what it could foreshadow.

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