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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Cy advance to freehand images?
(a) Whenever the "alpha male" is absent or more than one customer awaits one.
(b) When Riley can supervise him.
(c) When he is half drunk.
(d) When there is no picture for what the customer wants.

2. What's the only way Riley would consider himself a father figure to Cy?
(a) If Cy can prove Riley is his real father.
(b) If he can bring his fine-legged mother into the equation.
(c) If Cy can beat him in arm wrestling.
(d) If Cy's mother wants Riley to serve that purpose.

3. Where does Cy work?
(a) In a print shop in the afternoons.
(b) In a bakery.
(c) In a blacksmith shop.
(d) At the stables.

4. What is a distinct favorite of Cy and his friends?
(a) The ice cream machine.
(b) A line of Bathing Beauties parades barer than ever and Gaynor Shearer's erect nipples.
(c) The blaring music.
(d) The cotton candy.

5. What does Cy's mother say about the sun's light?
(a) That the sun's light does not go out at night but migrates to Ireland and America.
(b) That it fades into nothing.
(c) That it is brightest shining through the mist.
(d) That it is brighter when she is brighter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cy realize about life?

2. When Cy arrives home eyes glazed and gait obstructed, what does Reeda assume?

3. What does Cy see in the discharge basin one day?

4. For what does Cy use the last of Reeda's money?

5. What is one form of amusement Cy enjoys?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Riley come to offer Cy an apprenticeship and what is Cy's response?

2. How does Cy first meet Grace?

3. How does Riley explain the colors used in tattooing?

4. Describe the first few days that Cy spends at the hospital.

5. How does Cy remember Grace?

6. How had Grace come to be known by some many so that perhaps Sedak knows of her and judges her?

7. What are the sexual images Cy has of mermaids?

8. What experience causes Cy to no longer be able to sleep under tight blankets?

9. How do Riley's and Cy's styles differ when starting a job on a client?

10. How does Cy compare Coney Island to Morecambe?

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