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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Arturas?
(a) A stevedore.
(b) An acrobat.
(c) A cart man.
(d) The best tattoo artist in New York.

2. Why do mothers drop off their babies at the incubation exhibition?
(a) They hope the baby will die faster there.
(b) They cannot care for them at home.
(c) They are hopeful the babies will grow into healthy, hungry, crying beings.
(d) They have to by law.

3. What does Cy do when Grace stands naked before him for the first time since the assault?
(a) Cy holds her in his arms for an hour.
(b) Cy turns away unable to look at her.
(c) Cy cannot control his horror and weeps uncontrollably.
(d) Cy slams his hands down and swears to kill the assailant.

4. How does Cy know his neighbors' names?
(a) By creating a rhyme of them.
(b) From letters in the foyer mail slots and the smells coming from beneath their doors.
(c) By the sounds of their accents.
(d) By the name tags on their various work shirts.

5. What does Jonesy think is keeping the ladies away from Cy?
(a) His gruff manner.
(b) Cy's throwback to the 19th-century look is keeping the ladies away.
(c) His rough handling of them.
(d) His lack of nice clothes.

6. Where is Cy when "Babylon in Brooklyn" opens?
(a) On Coney Island.
(b) In San Francisco.
(c) In Italy.
(d) In England.

7. Why does Cy advise the soldiers to go wash down their arms?
(a) So he doesn't have to go draw more water from next door.
(b) Cy advises them not to wash their arms.
(c) So no muck will get into their bloodstreams.
(d) So the blood will not ruin their uniforms.

8. Where do Claudia and Arturas decide to move and work?
(a) The California beaches.
(b) The Pacific Northwest.
(c) Florida.
(d) New Orleans.

9. How can Cy gain insights into Grace's personality?
(a) He can watch Grace perform.
(b) He can read some psychology books in the library.
(c) He can ask Maximus.
(d) He can quiz chess devotees unobtrusively about Grace's strategy.

10. Why does America require voyeurism in every attraction?
(a) Because it puts everything out there for anyone to see.
(b) Because it substitutes emotion for thought.
(c) Because it is a melting pot of cultures.
(d) Because it is a young nation and full of sexual vigor.

11. Of what is Coney Island proof?
(a) That the Victorian era cannot conjure out the black Gothic soul or suppress its darker energy.
(b) That human depravity is alive and well.
(c) That freedom to be eccentric exists.
(d) That the stranger one is the more money one can make.

12. Why does Cy skip lunch the next day?
(a) He is not hungry.
(b) He is on a restricted-calorie diet.
(c) So he won't miss Grace should she show up.
(d) He is still suffering the effects of the tainted hot dog of yesterday.

13. Who has taken care of the horse?
(a) Vivian.
(b) Arturas.
(c) One of the soldiers.
(d) Claudia.

14. What is Grace doing as Cy is finishing with the soldier?
(a) Combing her hair.
(b) Flirting with the other soldiers.
(c) Suggesting appropriate tattoos for each soldier.
(d) Browsing through a book of flash.

15. What does Henry find when he climbs the floor to where Sedak is held?
(a) There is a fire in the hallway.
(b) The door is ajar and the guard is missing.
(c) Everything is fine.
(d) There are some strangers in the hallway.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens as Grace lies in the hospital?

2. When Cy walks Grace home when he first meets her, what does he think about at the door?

3. Who is Lulu?

4. What is the first touch between Cy and Grace like?

5. What does life in the Bayview teach Cy?

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