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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the police close Sedak's file?
(a) They think the assailants are dead.
(b) No one really cares about what happened.
(c) They find the culprits.
(d) They think Sedak insanely hurt himself.

2. What do the police think about Henry's story?
(a) They think he is drunk and is covering his own alcohol use on work time.
(b) It all makes sense.
(c) They know he is lying but don't care.
(d) It doesn't add up, but Sedak is incomprehensible.

3. What can cost two-thirds of one's tattoo business?
(a) Dirt in the parlour.
(b) Closing on rainy days.
(c) Not having enough pictures.
(d) Having dull needles.

4. What does Henry find when he climbs the floor to where Sedak is held?
(a) There are some strangers in the hallway.
(b) There is a fire in the hallway.
(c) The door is ajar and the guard is missing.
(d) Everything is fine.

5. Who is Arturas?
(a) A cart man.
(b) A stevedore.
(c) An acrobat.
(d) The best tattoo artist in New York.

6. What is the poor man's illustrator?
(a) Tattooists.
(b) Graffiti.
(c) Paintings on velvet.
(d) The almanac.

7. Where is Cy when "Babylon in Brooklyn" opens?
(a) In England.
(b) In Italy.
(c) On Coney Island.
(d) In San Francisco.

8. What does Cy do when Grace stands naked before him for the first time since the assault?
(a) Cy turns away unable to look at her.
(b) Cy cannot control his horror and weeps uncontrollably.
(c) Cy holds her in his arms for an hour.
(d) Cy slams his hands down and swears to kill the assailant.

9. What is Grace doing as Cy is finishing with the soldier?
(a) Browsing through a book of flash.
(b) Flirting with the other soldiers.
(c) Combing her hair.
(d) Suggesting appropriate tattoos for each soldier.

10. What does Henry notice about the service elevator?
(a) It is stuck between floors.
(b) It smells like burning rubber.
(c) It is turned off.
(d) It is held open by a box on the ground floor.

11. What does Coney Island "allow"?
(a) Pickpocketing if not much is stolen.
(b) Drunks to sleep stretched out across the sidewalk.
(c) Unsafe rides on the ferris wheel.
(d) Visitors to act out as they would not at home.

12. What do the skyscrapers do to Cy?
(a) They seem to pull him up through the sky and out into space.
(b) They scare him.
(c) They make him think he is in heaven.
(d) They give him a kink in his neck as he constantly looks up.

13. What does a voice advise a soldier to do while he is getting a tattoo?
(a) To think about things that make him fall asleep so he will no longer be in his body.
(b) To focus on making his breathing slow and easy.
(c) To smoke some hash.
(d) To pant.

14. What is the largest amusement park on earth?
(a) Park Place.
(b) The Brooklyn Boardwalk.
(c) Coney Island.
(d) Central Park.

15. Where do Claudia and Arturas decide to move and work?
(a) The California beaches.
(b) Florida.
(c) The Pacific Northwest.
(d) New Orleans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who owns the Varga Oyster Bar?

2. When does Cy meet Arturas and Claudia Overas?

3. In what condition do they find Sedak?

4. Why do tattooists stand apart from the tricksters and freaks?

5. Where does Cy go despite his vows never to return after Lulu's death?

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