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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the largest amusement park on earth?
(a) Central Park.
(b) The Brooklyn Boardwalk.
(c) Coney Island.
(d) Park Place.

2. Why does the management of the baby incubation exhibition allow Grace to come in for free?
(a) She actually sneaks in.
(b) She has a calming effect on the babies.
(c) She volunteers to help there.
(d) To coax her friend, Claudia, to leave.

3. What do the skyscrapers do to Cy?
(a) They make him think he is in heaven.
(b) They seem to pull him up through the sky and out into space.
(c) They give him a kink in his neck as he constantly looks up.
(d) They scare him.

4. What does a voice advise a soldier to do while he is getting a tattoo?
(a) To smoke some hash.
(b) To think about things that make him fall asleep so he will no longer be in his body.
(c) To pant.
(d) To focus on making his breathing slow and easy.

5. What requires appalling discipline on Cy's part?
(a) Requesting that Maximus stays home so that Grace is thinking of Cy.
(b) Working on Grace and charging her money for the pleasure.
(c) Not telling Grace he does not approve of her design.
(d) Coming to know Grace's body without surrendering to lust.

6. What is in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn?
(a) Cy's girlfriend's apartment.
(b) The licensing agency for tattoo artist.
(c) Monty's place.
(d) Cy's apartment.

7. What does life in the Bayview teach Cy?
(a) To learn to look over the bay to predict the weather.
(b) To appreciate good neighbors.
(c) To have a back door for escape.
(d) To live without forming relationships with neighbors.

8. How does Grace reassure Cy about her body?
(a) Tells him doctors can do amazing things with skin grafts.
(b) Tells him she no longer feels pain.
(c) Has him touch her scars.
(d) Tells him that just knowing he was visiting Maximus made her feel better.

9. How can Cy gain insights into Grace's personality?
(a) He can watch Grace perform.
(b) He can read some psychology books in the library.
(c) He can ask Maximus.
(d) He can quiz chess devotees unobtrusively about Grace's strategy.

10. What is Grace doing as Cy is finishing with the soldier?
(a) Suggesting appropriate tattoos for each soldier.
(b) Browsing through a book of flash.
(c) Flirting with the other soldiers.
(d) Combing her hair.

11. What is a tattooist's paradise and can easily accommodate more artists?
(a) Coney Island.
(b) Manhatten.
(c) San Francisco.
(d) Boston.

12. What bounces off Claudia like hail from an ox's rump?
(a) Cruelty about her non-female form.
(b) Sexual innuendos.
(c) Insults about her husband's ugly features.
(d) Praise for her tattoos.

13. What does Grace request of Cy?
(a) That he met her at the fountain and is sober.
(b) That he not try to find her.
(c) That he stop being sad.
(d) That he go away with her.

14. Who had left the back door unlocked?
(a) The guard.
(b) Sedak.
(c) Henry.
(d) No one; the lock is broken.

15. What has Claudia been doing for eight years?
(a) Working as a scully maid.
(b) Displaying at the Human Picture Gallery while performing feats of strength that enthrall the public.
(c) Raising children.
(d) Helping her husband create tattoo art.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Grace's attacker's plan?

2. What does Grace's paper show?

3. What hums perpetually, eliciting screams?

4. How can Cy draw mermaids?

5. What happens as Grace lies in the hospital?

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