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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Riley protective?
(a) His privacy.
(b) His self-proclaimed genius.
(c) His tools.
(d) His pictures.

2. How does Cy's routine begin?
(a) With the question, "Ready?"
(b) By outlining in pencil the work area.
(c) By singing a song to himself.
(d) By tapping three times on the table for luck.

3. What does Cy's mother say about the sun's light?
(a) That it fades into nothing.
(b) That it is brightest shining through the mist.
(c) That the sun's light does not go out at night but migrates to Ireland and America.
(d) That it is brighter when she is brighter.

4. With what does Cy decide he needs help?
(a) His chemistry homework.
(b) Getting to America.
(c) Learning how to do tattoos.
(d) Wooing the girl with whom he is in love.

5. What happens when Cy breaks the glass?
(a) He falls into the building.
(b) He falls to the ground.
(c) A man with intense blue eyes grabs him.
(d) He cuts his arm badly.

6. What has Cy learned?
(a) to fight, evict brawlers, negotiate and be enjoyed by women in the back room.
(b) To size up a skin type by feeling with his eyes closed.
(c) To sing to keep the women happy.
(d) To tattoo without using a drawing.

7. What does Riley tattoo on Cy's chest?
(a) A skull.
(b) A ball and chain.
(c) A butterfly.
(d) A sailing ship with his dead father's name strung in the rigging.

8. What confuses Cy?
(a) Where is father is.
(b) Why he is not attending school.
(c) Why his mother cries for strangers.
(d) Watching his mother care for sobbing women who visit in the middle of the night.

9. What does Cy begin to do?
(a) Have sex with some of the willing customers.
(b) Draw a book of designs.
(c) Create a name for himself.
(d) Tattoo some of Riley's customers.

10. What convinces Cy that the first part of his life is ended?
(a) When Aurora Borealis, the "northern bloodlights," appear over the town.
(b) When his mother dies.
(c) When Cy falls in love.
(d) When Jonty drowns in the tide.

11. What does the town council do to offenders of their policies?
(a) Fines them.
(b) Publishes the names of offenders.
(c) Gives them community service.
(d) Makes them pick litter off the beach.

12. What is different about Cy's mom from Cy?
(a) She had a loving, normal home, but Cy is raised in a boarding house of sick people.
(b) Reeda Parks can see beyond the horror of the sick people in ways her son cannot.
(c) She speaks ten languages and Cy only one.
(d) She is a Russian, whereas Cy is born in Italy.

13. What does Cy not really understand?
(a) That his mother and Muriel perform abortions.
(b) That his mother does tattoos.
(c) That he is going to a boarding school.
(d) That electricity is dangerous.

14. What are Riley's rules of courtship?
(a) To keep his professional life and sexual life seperate.
(b) To slap, grip, fist and dog-mount women.
(c) To treat them tenderly under the needle and harshly under him.
(d) To court for at least a day before sex.

15. Upon what does the town council frown?
(a) On the sick people Cy's mother nurses.
(b) On boys younger than 10 on the beach without a parent.
(c) On school being closed on Fridays.
(d) On mixed bathing and skimpy outfits.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Riley accomplish in a year?

2. How does Riley die?

3. Why does Riley say that Cy needs to comfort customers?

4. How does Jonty describe Mr. Riley?

5. What does Cy like around him?

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