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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Muriel?
(a) Reeda's lover.
(b) Reeda's older sister.
(c) Reeda's secret partner.
(d) Morris's mother.

2. With what does Cy decide he needs help?
(a) His chemistry homework.
(b) Wooing the girl with whom he is in love.
(c) Getting to America.
(d) Learning how to do tattoos.

3. For what do the boys use Muriel's equipment?
(a) To jolt each other in the arm.
(b) To watch the ships in the harbor.
(c) To check their heartbeats.
(d) To experience a splendid rush of energy.

4. With whom does Cy fall in love?
(a) Eva Brennan.
(b) Eva von Braun.
(c) Estelle Baker.
(d) Essie Jones.

5. Where does Riley want to be buried?
(a) He wants to be cremated.
(b) At the hillside cemetary.
(c) In his homeland of Russia.
(d) At sea.

6. What do Cy, Jonty and Morris seek?
(a) A way to sell their inventions.
(b) New ways to escape the town council's rules.
(c) A way to get to the far coast.
(d) After school employment.

7. Where do the summer crowds gather?
(a) At two local pubs.
(b) In the town's pavilions.
(c) Around the lake in the park.
(d) In the movie theaters.

8. What do the Ladies of Leeds do?
(a) Prostitutes.
(b) Circus performers.
(c) Join Reeda in collecting meager alms and votes.
(d) They are nuns and they pray for the ill at Cy's home.

9. How does Riley die?
(a) Hangs himself.
(b) Slips and cracks his head and drowns in the bay.
(c) Suicide by drinking bleach.
(d) Is murdered by the man who smashes his fingers.

10. How does Jonty describe Mr. Riley?
(a) A lunatic.
(b) A underworld spy.
(c) A cool tattoo artist.
(d) An undesirable papist who buys pigs' heads for ungodly purposes.

11. Who does Cy recognize?
(a) A policeman who accepts bribes from his mother.
(b) A man down the street as the thief who stole his bike.
(c) Reeba's helper.
(d) A woman who used to live at the boarding house.

12. About whom does Riley lecture Cy?
(a) Vermeer.
(b) Leonardo DeVinci.
(c) Rembrandt.
(d) Michelangelo.

13. Why does Cy wish his eyes could lie?
(a) So his troubles would be over.
(b) So he could look his mama in the face.
(c) So the school bully would leave him alone.
(d) So the schoolmaster wouldn't hit him.

14. What does Riley accomplish in a year?
(a) Wills himself to death by alcohol, depression and starvation.
(b) Changes his studio decorations.
(c) Teaches Cy the rest of what Riley knows.
(d) Creates a whole book of designs.

15. What does Cy discover on Riley's body?
(a) Fitting verses tattooed on Riley's right sole.
(b) A tribute tattooed to Reeda.
(c) A tattoo for every year of Riley's life.
(d) No tattoos.

Short Answer Questions

1. What regularly claims victims among children and tourists?

2. Where does Cy work?

3. What is Muriel's occupation?

4. Why does Cy have to use distilled water to make his inks?

5. What happens to Riley at Moffat Revine?

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