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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Cy arrives home eyes glazed and gait obstructed, what does Reeda assume?
(a) He has overeaten.
(b) He is drunk.
(c) He sprained his ankle.
(d) He is ill.

2. How old is Cy when the book opens?
(a) 15.
(b) 10.
(c) 1.
(d) 7.

3. Who slices the rope?
(a) An angry looking man.
(b) His friends.
(c) A policeman.
(d) A woman with a machete.

4. What's the only way Riley would consider himself a father figure to Cy?
(a) If Cy can prove Riley is his real father.
(b) If he can bring his fine-legged mother into the equation.
(c) If Cy's mother wants Riley to serve that purpose.
(d) If Cy can beat him in arm wrestling.

5. What has Cy forgotten?
(a) Why his father went to sea.
(b) Exactly how his mother's face looked.
(c) What song his mother used to sing.
(d) How his grandfather used to buy him ice cream when he came visiting.

6. What does Cy not really understand?
(a) That his mother does tattoos.
(b) That he is going to a boarding school.
(c) That electricity is dangerous.
(d) That his mother and Muriel perform abortions.

7. Where does Riley want to be buried?
(a) At the hillside cemetary.
(b) He wants to be cremated.
(c) In his homeland of Russia.
(d) At sea.

8. What convinces Cy that the first part of his life is ended?
(a) When his mother dies.
(b) When Jonty drowns in the tide.
(c) When Aurora Borealis, the "northern bloodlights," appear over the town.
(d) When Cy falls in love.

9. What does Cy begin to do?
(a) Draw a book of designs.
(b) Create a name for himself.
(c) Have sex with some of the willing customers.
(d) Tattoo some of Riley's customers.

10. What does Cy's mother say about the sun's light?
(a) That the sun's light does not go out at night but migrates to Ireland and America.
(b) That it is brighter when she is brighter.
(c) That it fades into nothing.
(d) That it is brightest shining through the mist.

11. What do people know?
(a) Cy is almost better than Riley.
(b) Cy is much better than Riley.
(c) There are two freehanders working inside as unequal partners.
(d) Cy is as good as Riley.

12. How does Riley die?
(a) Suicide by drinking bleach.
(b) Hangs himself.
(c) Is murdered by the man who smashes his fingers.
(d) Slips and cracks his head and drowns in the bay.

13. For what does Cy get in trouble at school?
(a) For sleepin in class.
(b) For shooting spitballs.
(c) For asking a question about sex.
(d) For eating another student's lunch.

14. How do women's tattoos differ from men's?
(a) They are smaller and more discreet than men's and entirely personal.
(b) They are usually flowers.
(c) They almost always have purple and pink in them.
(d) They are more colorful.

15. Of what are Cy's earliest memories?
(a) His mother leaning over his bed and singing him a lullaby.
(b) Laughing summer crowds.
(c) A ship from India coming into port one day and the excitement of it.
(d) A pig being slaughtered next door.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Cy and his friends go to watch an effigy of "Kaiser Bill" burn?

2. Who does not feel like maggots in an infected carcass, as they are regarded in the nicer end of town?

3. What is a distinct favorite of Cy and his friends?

4. What does Cy see in the discharge basin one day?

5. What are Riley's rules of courtship?

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