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Sarah Hall
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Cy recognize?
(a) A man down the street as the thief who stole his bike.
(b) A woman who used to live at the boarding house.
(c) Reeba's helper.
(d) A policeman who accepts bribes from his mother.

2. What does the town council do to offenders of their policies?
(a) Makes them pick litter off the beach.
(b) Fines them.
(c) Publishes the names of offenders.
(d) Gives them community service.

3. What does Riley come to understand while at sea?
(a) His father was right about the ocean.
(b) His grandfather had been right to keep his mother from following his father to sea.
(c) Tattooing is a siren song and the music of the spheres, impossible to resist or explain.
(d) That Riley understood the psychological rationale of tattooing.

4. What's the only way Riley would consider himself a father figure to Cy?
(a) If Cy can beat him in arm wrestling.
(b) If Cy's mother wants Riley to serve that purpose.
(c) If Cy can prove Riley is his real father.
(d) If he can bring his fine-legged mother into the equation.

5. What amazes Cy?
(a) That someone so flaccid and bawdy can be so intricate and precise in his line work.
(b) That Riley hums hymns while he works.
(c) That Riley seldoms is aroused by his naked female clients.
(d) That Riley can be drunk and create magnificent tattoos.

6. What does a young man working in the parlor of the greatest tattooist in Northern England who is nowhere to be found suggest?
(a) Treachery.
(b) Deceit.
(c) Murder.
(d) Laziness on Riley's part.

7. Of what are Cy's earliest memories?
(a) His mother leaning over his bed and singing him a lullaby.
(b) A ship from India coming into port one day and the excitement of it.
(c) Laughing summer crowds.
(d) A pig being slaughtered next door.

8. Where do the summer crowds gather?
(a) At two local pubs.
(b) In the movie theaters.
(c) In the town's pavilions.
(d) Around the lake in the park.

9. Where does Riley want to be buried?
(a) He wants to be cremated.
(b) In his homeland of Russia.
(c) At sea.
(d) At the hillside cemetary.

10. Why does Cy have to use distilled water to make his inks?
(a) Because alcohol spirit solutions have been outlawed.
(b) Because alcohol spirit solutions cannot be safely stored in the cupboard.
(c) Because Riley is experiementing with a new ink formula.
(d) Because of war rationing.

11. What does Cy not really understand?
(a) That electricity is dangerous.
(b) That his mother does tattoos.
(c) That his mother and Muriel perform abortions.
(d) That he is going to a boarding school.

12. What do people know?
(a) Cy is as good as Riley.
(b) Cy is almost better than Riley.
(c) Cy is much better than Riley.
(d) There are two freehanders working inside as unequal partners.

13. What does Cy see in the discharge basin one day?
(a) Blood.
(b) A prophesy.
(c) A tattoo design.
(d) Vivid images.

14. How does Morecambe celebrate the coming armistice?
(a) With a prayer meeting.
(b) By fireworks.
(c) With a carnival.
(d) By closing school for the day.

15. What does Reeda think of Riley?
(a) That he is a drunkard, a Catholic and maybe a Bolshevik.
(b) That he is honorable.
(c) That he is dangerous.
(d) That he is somewhat crazy.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what do most of the boarders at Cy's home suffer?

2. What does Cy observe as he is searching for shells?

3. From what does Cy avert his eyes?

4. Where does Riley take Cy for his first visit to a pub?

5. Why does Cy climb a building?

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