Objects & Places from The Electric Michelangelo

Sarah Hall
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The Adriatic

This is the steamliner, built by Harland & Wolff, on which Cy crosses the Atlantic to America.

The Aveune Psychiatric Hospital

This is Henry Beausang's place of employment where he, Cy and Grace conspire to blind her assailant, Malcolm Sedak, who is confined in the special security criminal ward.

The Bayview Hotel

This is Reeda Parks' 16-room seaside establishment on Morecambe Bay that caters to consumptives.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

This is the largest of New York City's five boroughs to which Cy immigrates in 1933.

Coney Island

Despite its name, this is a peninsula at the southern tip of Brooklyn, facing the Atlantic Ocean, where Cy rents a small booth.

The Dog and Partridge

This is Eliot Riley's favorite Morecambe pub, where he gets Cy drunk for the first time and convinces him to become his apprentice.


This is a tattoo artist's professional portfolio, consisting of sheets...

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