Daily Lessons for Teaching The Electric Michelangelo

Sarah Hall
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Bloodlights)


The book opens in the summer of 1914 in a seaside town, Morecambe, England. Not only is the setting not in the United States, but it is in a time period quite different from that of the first decade of the 21st century.

The objective of this lesson is to understand the setting and time period of Morecambe, England and about setting in general.


1) Homework: Students will research the setting of Morecombe, England and learn about what Morecombe is like in the early 1900's. What is its population? Demographics? Physical size? What were the main ways of earning a living?

2. Group work: In groups of four, compile the information the students gained in the homework assignment and prepare a succinct report to present to class.

3. Class discussion: Have the groups present the information and then discuss the following questions: How does the setting of Morecambe add...

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