The Electric Michelangelo Character Descriptions

Sarah Hall
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Cyril Parks (Cy) - This character is the Electric Michelangelo of the novel's title who is a master tattoo artist on two continents.

Reeda Parks - This character is Cy's mother and the owner of the Bayview Hotel, a seaside resort catering to consumptives.

Eliot Riley - This character is the foul-mouthed, binge-drinking master tattoo artist in Morecambe to whom Cy apprentices.

Grace - Cy's downstairs neighbor, a bareback rider and tightrope walker on Coney Island, this character keeps her horse, Maximus, in her Brooklyn apartment.

Charles Henry (Henry) Beausang III - This character is a Georgia-born drunkard who becomes friends with Cy in Brooklyn.

Malcolm Sedak - This character is a Brooklyn chess player and religious fanatic who conceives the plan to restore Grace's tattooed body to God's original purity.

Mrs. Baxter - One of the consumptives visiting the Bayview Hotel, this character's face is bleached...

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