The Electric Michelangelo Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sarah Hall
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Part 1, Bloodlights

• The story opens in about 1905 when Cyril (Cy) Parks lives at his mother's seaside resort, the Bayview Hotel on Morecambe Bay. Cy's father was lost at sea.

• Cy's mother boards and nurses TB patients and also performs illegal abortions with a friend.

• Cy's two best friends are Jonty Preston and Morris Gibbs and they have the run of the area on Pebber Street.
• One day Cy sees vivid images in the discharge basin and forgets to feel disgusted.

• Cy's next confusion comes from secretly watching mother care for sobbing women who visit in the middle of the night.

• The town hosts large summer crowds which Cy and his friends pretend to be boggarts for money from the tourists.

• Any trouble in town usually involves Cy and Jonty and Morris.
• Muriel is a respected electrotherapist and the boys use her equipment to experience a splendid rush of...

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