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Russell Freedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Eleanor Roosevelt work with a private coach to improve?
(a) Her sense of diplomacy and propriety.
(b) Her public speaking.
(c) Her driving.
(d) Her writing.

2. What does Freedman say Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt would do separately in their personal suites?
(a) Fundraise.
(b) Entertain.
(c) Strategize.
(d) Hold meetings.

3. What was Sarah Roosevelt's response when she heard about the crisis over Franklin Roosevelt's affair with Lucy Mercer?
(a) She offered him his freedom.
(b) She threatened to ruin his political career if he divorced.
(c) She threatened to cut off his inheritance if he divorced.
(d) She told him she would support him no matter what.

4. What communities did Eleanor Roosevelt provide political access to for her husband?
(a) Northeasterners.
(b) Blacks.
(c) Business elites.
(d) The poor.

5. Where did Eleanor take a political leadership position?
(a) New York State Democratic Party.
(b) The National Democratic Party.
(c) League of Women's Voters.
(d) League of Nations.

6. What were Franklin Roosevelt's advisers' thoughts about Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) They let her test the waters, and then charted their course.
(b) They were apprehensive about her radical views.
(c) They played off her radical views to enhance Franklin Roosevelt's image.
(d) They tried everything they could to silence her.

7. How does Freedman say Eleanor tried to convey her observations to her husband?
(a) In a light that would help him in the polls.
(b) In a light that would help the common man.
(c) In a light that would help women's rights.
(d) As accurately as possible.

8. What does Freedman say Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt saw in Europe?
(a) Resistance to industrialism.
(b) Hope and rebuilding.
(c) Death and destruction.
(d) Socialism taking hold.

9. Why did Eleanor Roosevelt resign from the Daughters of the American Revolution?
(a) Because she wanted to make room for other talented women.
(b) They asked her to avoid a conflict of interests.
(c) Because of their racist politics.
(d) Because Franklin Roosevelt's advisors asked her to.

10. What was Franklin Roosevelt in charge of in Europe?
(a) Diplomacy.
(b) Establishing U.S. bases.
(c) Closing U.S. naval bases.
(d) Reconstruction.

11. What does Freedman say were Eleanor Roosevelt's feelings about war?
(a) Freedman says that Eleanor was anxious to get troops to Europe to protect the poor and desperate people there.
(b) Freedman says that Eleanor favored air strikes to occupation.
(c) Freedman says that Eleanor hated the possibility of another war.
(d) Freedman says that Eleanor wanted to defeat Germany once and for all.

12. What does Freedman say Franklin Roosevelt would ask his wife to back away from?
(a) Equal rights legislation.
(b) Women's rights legislation.
(c) Politically untenable positions.
(d) The budget.

13. Who was allowed into Eleanor Roosevelt's press conferences?
(a) Only teachers and social workers.
(b) The media.
(c) Only unemployed people.
(d) Only female reporters.

14. What does Freedman say the White House resounded with the sound of?
(a) Plots and counterplots.
(b) Authoritative footsteps.
(c) Spirited debate.
(d) Whispering advisors.

15. What did Franklin Roosevelt do after losing the 1920 election?
(a) Traveled.
(b) Joined a law firm.
(c) Charity work.
(d) Started strategizing for 1924.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Eleanor Roosevelt describe her political position?

2. What was America's initial stance toward the war in Europe?

3. What did Eleanor refuse to give up when Franklin Roosevelt was elected Governor of New York?

4. Where would Franklin Roosevelt go for his health?

5. What was Eleanor Roosevelt's response when she found Lucy Mercer's love letters to Franklin?

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