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Russell Freedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Franklin Roosevelt in charge of in Europe?
(a) Reconstruction.
(b) Closing U.S. naval bases.
(c) Establishing U.S. bases.
(d) Diplomacy.

2. What does Freedman say Eleanor felt about public speaking?
(a) She learned to use crowds' emotions.
(b) She did not like it because she was not good at it.
(c) She hated it because it made her so nervous.
(d) She became apprehensive before speaking, but generally impressed people with her speaking.

3. What did Eleanor appeal for in the face of Nazi oppression?
(a) Disarmament.
(b) Investigation of the political methods behind the Nazis' rise.
(c) Nuclearization.
(d) Invasion of Germany.

4. How does Freedman say the trip to see troops affected Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) She returned very sick.
(b) She became severely depressed.
(c) She was invigorated.
(d) She lost 30 pounds.

5. What effect did her husband's paralysis have on Eleanor's feelings for him?
(a) She fell in love with him again.
(b) She finally began to admire his character.
(c) She began to resent him.
(d) She ceased to resent him.

6. Who was allowed into Eleanor Roosevelt's press conferences?
(a) Only unemployed people.
(b) Only female reporters.
(c) The media.
(d) Only teachers and social workers.

7. How did Franklin Roosevelt come to national prominence after 1929?
(a) His aggressive steps to create jobs.
(b) His enormous losses in the stock market crash.
(c) His strict discrimination policies.
(d) His personal contributions to the state's funds.

8. Who was Molly Dewson?
(a) Head of the League of Women's Voters.
(b) Head of the effort to find work for women.
(c) Head of the women's division of the DNC.
(d) Editor at Women's Democratic News.

9. How many men does Freedman say were killed in World War I?
(a) 20 million.
(b) 500,000.
(c) 10 million.
(d) 50 million.

10. Where did Eleanor travel to visit troops?
(a) England.
(b) France.
(c) Australia.
(d) Hawaii.

11. When did Franklin Roosevelt ask Congress for a declaration of war?
(a) December 8, 1941.
(b) August, 1945.
(c) September 2, 1939.
(d) May 1, 1940.

12. When did Franklin Roosevelt take office in the White House?
(a) March 1931.
(b) February 1932.
(c) March 1933.
(d) April 1934.

13. What does Freedman say Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt would do separately in their personal suites?
(a) Hold meetings.
(b) Fundraise.
(c) Entertain.
(d) Strategize.

14. How does Freedman say Franklin Roosevelt's relationship with Eleanor changed in his second term?
(a) He guarded information from her.
(b) He gave her power to run more of his administration.
(c) He relied on her more.
(d) He forced her to be more restrained.

15. What did Eleanor like about Louis Howe?
(a) He adored her.
(b) He introduced her to modern art.
(c) He was the most dashing man in the legislature.
(d) He asked her opinions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Eleanor's position at the League of Women's Voters?

2. What did Eleanor Roosevelt prefer to chauffeured limousines?

3. Why was Franklin Roosevelt encouraged to run for a third term?

4. Why did Eleanor Roosevelt resign from the Daughters of the American Revolution?

5. Who was Eleanor Roosevelt speaking for in her talks?

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