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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Charles's lawyer want his crime to be called manslaughter?
(a) To increase his fees.
(b) To avoid the death penalty.
(c) Because of extenuating circumstances.
(d) Because Charles won't tell him what happened.

2. What does the sane man in the parable realize when he is given the vision of clarity?
(a) That there is no love.
(b) That his friends hate him.
(c) That the human souls are shadowed.
(d) That help comes from friends.

3. Why was the narrator's favorite waitress fired?
(a) For overcharging customers.
(b) For talking more than working.
(c) For not sharing in the side work.
(d) For preaching to the customers.

4. Why does the character Paul Frost, leave Kansas?
(a) To move in with his girlfriend.
(b) To see other parts of the country.
(c) To work in a mental hospital.
(d) To avoid being drafted.

5. Why does the judge's secretary tell him he must shine at the meeting?
(a) To help with race relations.
(b) To overcome the case.
(c) To protect Charles.
(d) Political reasons.

6. What does the speaker say that everything has?
(a) A purpose.
(b) A price.
(c) A desire.
(d) A need.

7. What do the Asians insist the Bulgarian do when he is cornered?
(a) Return their possessions.
(b) Call the police.
(c) Come with them to the embassy.
(d) Commit hara-kiri.

8. Why is Paul attracted to Ginny?
(a) Her outward display of strength.
(b) Her mind and exotic nature.
(c) Her well-developed sense of humor.
(d) Her amazing beauty.

9. Why does the narrator head for the East?
(a) Words have detached from emotion and passion.
(b) He is obliged to go there.
(c) This is the new Mecca and he is drawn there.
(d) It is softer there.

10. Why does the narrator value Ginny?
(a) For her wit.
(b) For her mind.
(c) For her beauty.
(d) For her stories.

11. What subject did Thomas love in college?
(a) Economics.
(b) Sociology.
(c) Philosophy.
(d) Marketing.

12. Who reminded Rogers of a disturbance caused by Charles previously?
(a) Ex-secretary.
(b) Johnson.
(c) Grant.
(d) Piknett.

13. What does Clair have a command of that Louis admires?
(a) The audience.
(b) Rhetoric.
(c) Fashion.
(d) Makeup.

14. What nationality does Leon think the man who summoned them is?
(a) French.
(b) Bulgarian.
(c) Chinese.
(d) Italian.

15. What do Thomas and Harold think they need to explain to Nelson?
(a) Justified realizations.
(b) Ethics of profit.
(c) The need to work together for publicity.
(d) Race relations.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long ago did Jones first notice trouble between Charles and Johnson?

2. What do the bobbies discuss on the way back to the hotel?

3. What is Paul's means of redeeming family?

4. How does Rogers characterize Charles's talent?

5. In the story, what is said to be the only one book that offers a suitable religion for businessmen?

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