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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the narrator told he must submit?
(a) He has looked at a woman's body who is not his wife's.
(b) He is a descendant of Mohammed's beloved.
(c) He is too successful and has become proud.
(d) He is of German descent.

2. To what does the author say that great myths have been reduced?
(a) Humor.
(b) Whores.
(c) Folklore.
(d) Great literature.

3. What do the people chant?
(a) No more.
(b) Overcome.
(c) Rise and celebrate.
(d) No longer average.

4. What do the bobbies discuss on the way back to the hotel?
(a) The surprising frequency of thefts at that hotel.
(b) The fact that they'd rather be working at their desks.
(c) A homesexual rally.
(d) The overriding belief that this is a waste of their time.

5. What does the narrator like to do but not do?
(a) Listen to the preachers but not believe.
(b) Read magazines but not buy them.
(c) Open packages that are not for him.
(d) Taste new foods but not pay for them.

6. How long did Charles work for Johnson?
(a) 4 years.
(b) 8 years.
(c) 20 years.
(d) 13 years.

7. Why does the character Paul Frost, leave Kansas?
(a) To avoid being drafted.
(b) To see other parts of the country.
(c) To work in a mental hospital.
(d) To move in with his girlfriend.

8. How long ago did Louis give Clair an engagement ring?
(a) 5 years.
(b) 2 years.
(c) 10 years.
(d) 7 years.

9. Which of the following characters is considered an instant hero?
(a) Megan.
(b) Nelson.
(c) Ruth.
(d) Harold.

10. What do the Redeemer's friends say about the Bible?
(a) Everything in it is false.
(b) There is no true Bible.
(c) It does not talk about the end of time.
(d) They should be reading it and respecting it.

11. What does Viola complain that Louis has done?
(a) Chosen the wrong restaurant.
(b) Shaved his beard.
(c) Changed the way his hair was cut.
(d) Gotten there before her.

12. Who does the narrator say work in the neighborhood?
(a) A variety of evangelists.
(b) Liars and cheats.
(c) Marketers who do not listen.
(d) Non-believers and truthsayers.

13. For what does Nelson claim to be a sucker?
(a) The belief that things will change.
(b) Words of Jesus.
(c) The white man's supremacy.
(d) Harold's price schemes.

14. Who does Harold consult to help him with strategy?
(a) Nelson.
(b) Brother-in-law.
(c) Wife.
(d) Police.

15. What did Ginny do from the time she was 19 until she turned 22?
(a) Served in the Peach Corps.
(b) Served time in jail.
(c) Was married to a man who abused her.
(d) Worked in a mental hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the speaker say that everything has?

2. To where does the bobby indicate Leon should hurry?

3. To what are Leon and Eunice summoned?

4. What does Daniel warn Paul about his daughter?

5. What does Thomas use to sell insurances policies?

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