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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "The Silver Bullet".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is looking for Billy at the end of the tale?
(a) Earline.
(b) Inner City.
(c) William.
(d) Dillingham.

2. Why does Mrs. Boswell tell Leon he cannot go out to dance?
(a) He has razors on his shoes.
(b) He doesn't know the steps.
(c) He makes to much noise.
(d) He was too rude and mean to the narrator.

3. Who is the narrator of this story?
(a) Billy's cousin.
(b) Chelseia.
(c) Floyd.
(d) Billy.

4. What happens when Billy goes into the general store to buy an orange soda?
(a) He dies in a gunfight.
(b) He holds up the owner of the store.
(c) He is kidnapped and held captive for a month.
(d) The owner refuses to serve him.

5. What does Jones admit to being and also to never being?
(a) To being a member of the gang but never killing.
(b) To being young but never a fool.
(c) To being a business man but never stupid.
(d) To killing but never getting caught.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two things does Curtis suggest Willis do when he is worried about the Henry Street Guys?

2. Why does the narrator's father refuse to write him another note?

3. Who does Mrs. Boswell use as her foil when telling the boys how to find wives?

4. What does Leon's costume have that clanks?

5. Why do many of the boys get off at Gweneth's stop?

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