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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "The Silver Bullet".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the father of the girl Billy impregnates insist?
(a) He move in with the both of them.
(b) He marry the girl.
(c) He disappear never to return.
(d) He feed the baby for 21 years.

2. What does R.V. tell them at Slick's that Willis is?
(a) Community collector.
(b) Relations officer.
(c) Accountant.
(d) Enforcer.

3. Why does the narrator want to go back to square dancing?
(a) To avoid having to be with Queen Rose.
(b) To trip Leon and teach him a lesson.
(c) To get one swing with Gweneth.
(d) To show everyone that he can do what his father says he can't.

4. Which of the following characters dismisses country music as a valid art form?
(a) Gweneth.
(b) Gloria's husband.
(c) Gloria.
(d) Mrs. Boswell.

5. What does Gweneth do to the narrator that he laughs at as he remembers it much later?
(a) Kisses.
(b) Smiles.
(c) Hugs.
(d) Laughs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does R.V. remind Jones that they are?

2. Why does Mrs. Boswell tell Leon he cannot go out to dance?

3. What happens when Billy goes into the general store to buy an orange soda?

4. How long after Billy goes to work for Dillingham does the meeting in Chicago occur?

5. Why do many of the boys get off at Gweneth's stop?

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