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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Just Enough for the City".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Thomas and Harold think they need to explain to Nelson?
(a) Justified realizations.
(b) Race relations.
(c) The need to work together for publicity.
(d) Ethics of profit.

2. Which of the following characters is described as obviously successful if not wealthy?
(a) Clair.
(b) Louis.
(c) Fredericka.
(d) Maltz.

3. Why is the narrator told he must submit?
(a) He has looked at a woman's body who is not his wife's.
(b) He is too successful and has become proud.
(c) He is a descendant of Mohammed's beloved.
(d) He is of German descent.

4. Why is Corliss waiting in Mary Farragot's apartment?
(a) For her to come back.
(b) To Open her mail and materials.
(c) To talk to her about her likes and dislikes.
(d) To take notes on her posessions.

5. How did the narrator indicate he hurt his nose?
(a) While running after his child.
(b) While riding a bike.
(c) While making love.
(d) While working .

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets into a dispute with the person who is honking his horn?

2. What does she say about the first doctor?

3. What has Louis learned that Clair might do?

4. What does Butler forbid in his barber shop?

5. Who caused the woman's scar?

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