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Brown and Barlow's Project Gratis - In "Problems of Art," this is a Los Angeles law firm.

Dillingham Automotives, Inc. - In "The Story of a Dead Man," this is the Atlanta-based, white-owned company that employs Billy Renfro to track down blacks who default on their car loans.

The Germans - In "Just Enough for the City," these are proselytizers who pretend to be humble and choose their words carefully.

Lester's Grill - In "Just Enough for the City," this becomes the anonymous narrator's lunch place after his favorite waitress in another restaurant is unfairly fired.

Limehouse, SC - In "The Story of a Dead Man" this is where Billy Renfro claims to have lost his left eye fighting a redneck.

The Progressive Association of Greater Watts - In "Widows and Orphans," this is the organization holding a banquet honoring Clair Richards.

The Redeemer's Friends - In...

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