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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was at an all time high, according to Chapter 8?
(a) The influence of Stalin.
(b) The Soviet infiltration of America.
(c) His good relationship with De Gaulle.
(d) Eisenhower's popularity.

2. Who worked to have Eisenhower's son, John, come back for his father's inauguration?
(a) The Chief of Staff of President Truman.
(b) President Truman.
(c) Nixon.
(d) Eisenhower himself.

3. Who did Chapter 5 say wanted to claim victory in France as his own alone?
(a) De Gaulle.
(b) Patton.
(c) Bradley.
(d) Eisenhower.

4. What was Eisenhower's first assignment after entering the Army?
(a) The Philippines.
(b) Fort Sam Houston.
(c) Army central command in Washington.
(d) Fort Lauderdale.

5. What happened after Eisenhower assumed total command over the land base operations?
(a) The battle was lost.
(b) The battle turned in favor of the Allies.
(c) The Allies were put back at sea.
(d) Germany surrendered.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Eisenhower manage Patton and Montgomery during the battle for France?

2. What did Eisenhower do for Kay, according to Chapter 8?

3. Who did Eisenhower trust too much, according to Chapter 7?

4. What was Eisenhower asked to do, according to Chapter 8?

5. How did Eisenhower finish the school?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Eisenhower promise to America in Chapter 13, and why was this significant?

2. How did Eisenhower react to the bill passed by the Supreme Court?

3. What did Eisenhower ask of Nixon in Chapter 10?

4. What is the purpose of the book, according to Chapter 1?

5. What program did Eisenhower design, in Chapter 19?

6. What did Eisenhower do from his hospital room after another heart attack?

7. What did Eisenhower spend a lot of time doing?

8. In Chapter 18, why did Sputnik evoke fear in the American people?

9. What did Eisenhower learn in Chapter 4?

10. What happened in September 1955 and what did Eisenhower reconsider?

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