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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Eisenhower's date of birth, according to Chapter 1?
(a) 1897.
(b) 1895.
(c) 1901.
(d) 1890.

2. How many brothers did Eisenhower have?
(a) 1 brother.
(b) 3 brothers.
(c) 6 brothers.
(d) 5 brothers.

3. Who did Eisenhower struggle with during the invasion of France?
(a) Churchill and De Gaulle.
(b) Montgomery and De Gaulle.
(c) Montgomery and Brooks.
(d) Churchill and Brooks.

4. What did Truman want to propose to Eisenhower before discovering his political loyalties?
(a) To have John F. Kennedy run with Eisenhower.
(b) To run as Eisenhower's vice president.
(c) To have Eisenhower run as his vice president.
(d) To replace Nixon as vice president.

5. Where did the Allies land in France?
(a) Normandy.
(b) Bordeaux.
(c) Vaucluse.
(d) Pas de Calais.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Chapter 9 say Eisenhower was bombarded with since the end of the war?

2. What did Eisenhower say he realized in 1948 concerning the Bolsheviks?

3. Who did Eisenhower make a deal with over North Africa?

4. What command did Eisenhower finally take in England?

5. Who did Eisenhower meet several months before being reassigned to Georgia?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Eisenhower ask of Nixon in Chapter 10?

2. What was significant about the way in which Eisenhower spoke?

3. Who were Mongtomery and Brooks, and why were they significant?

4. In Chapter 3, what role did Eisenhower take on and how did this change his life?

5. What did Eisenhower spend a lot of time doing?

6. Who were Dwight Eisenhower's parents?

7. What did Eisenhower recognize about the British in Chapter 5?

8. What did Eisenhower realize about the presidency, in Chapter 9?

9. How does Chapter 3 describe Eisenhower's treatment of American troops?

10. What did Eisenhower finally tell Montgomery in Chapter 6, and how did Montgomery react?

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