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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did people start to doubt about Eisenhower at the end of Chapter 12?
(a) His sanity.
(b) His loyalty.
(c) His birth place.
(d) His math skills.

2. What did Eisenhower do for the first time, at the start of Chapter 4?
(a) Met F.D. Roosevelt.
(b) Went to France.
(c) Visited London.
(d) Led troops into battle.

3. How was Eisenhower's decision to allow the Bolsheviks to capture the city judged?
(a) It was ignored.
(b) It was accepted.
(c) It was praised.
(d) It was widely criticized.

4. Who did Eisenhower talk about the importance of NATO with?
(a) Taft.
(b) Nixon.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Truman.

5. What did Eisenhower do to handle the challenge he faced at the start of his first term?
(a) He sent a bill to the senate to prevent it from corrupting the political process.
(b) Eisenhower resigned his position.
(c) The Marine Corp was mobilized.
(d) He ignored it to avoid giving him too much press.

6. What postponed the invasion of France for several days?
(a) Mechanical problems with the fleet.
(b) Weather.
(c) Sabotage of the radar network of England.
(d) Delays in receiving vital information.

7. What political party was Truman a member of?
(a) Republican.
(b) Democrat.
(c) Independent.
(d) Libertarian.

8. What was burned at one point of Eisenhower's first term?
(a) Churches.
(b) Crosses.
(c) Flags.
(d) Books.

9. What did Eisenhower do for Kay, according to Chapter 8?
(a) He helped find her a job.
(b) He had her accepted in the Women's Army Corp.
(c) He got her U.S. citizenship.
(d) Married her.

10. What did Chapter 9 say Eisenhower was bombarded with since the end of the war?
(a) Requests for interviews.
(b) Love letters.
(c) Requests to run for president.
(d) Death threats.

11. What did Eisenhower insist was important to maintain, at the end of Chapter 9?
(a) Peace with the Soviet Union.
(b) A fleet of 12 aircraft carriers.
(c) A strong military presence in Germany.
(d) A good relationship with the French.

12. What cost the allies dearly, according to the start of Chapter 7?
(a) Patton's insubordination.
(b) Eisenhower's incompetance.
(c) The German counter offensive in the Ardennes.
(d) Eisenhower's tolerance of Montgomery's insubordination.

13. What did Truman want to propose to Eisenhower before discovering his political loyalties?
(a) To run as Eisenhower's vice president.
(b) To have John F. Kennedy run with Eisenhower.
(c) To have Eisenhower run as his vice president.
(d) To replace Nixon as vice president.

14. What did Eisenhower say he realized in 1948 concerning the Bolsheviks?
(a) They were regular people and need to be treated as such.
(b) Stalin was the only obstacle to normalized relationships.
(c) They wanted to "Communize the world."
(d) They couldn't be trusted.

15. Who was the leader of the Philippine Commonwealth?
(a) Willian Helkel.
(b) Manuel Guzman.
(c) Jose Quezon.
(d) Manual Quezon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were Truman's feelings about Eisenhower after his election?

2. Where was Eisenhower stationed at the end of 1921?

3. What was more important than being right, according to Eisenhower in Chapter 5?

4. What school did Eisenhower join in 1925?

5. What was Eisenhower's running mate accused of?

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