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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Eisenhower's first assignment after entering the Army?
(a) Fort Lauderdale.
(b) Army central command in Washington.
(c) The Philippines.
(d) Fort Sam Houston.

2. Where was Eisenhower stationed when Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941?
(a) At the 6th Mechanized Regiment of the 2nd Division.
(b) At the 15th Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Division.
(c) At the 7th Mechanized Regiment of the 8nd Division.
(d) At the 1st Infantry Regiment of the 22nd Division.

3. What command did Eisenhower finally take in England?
(a) Staff Sergeant.
(b) Colonel.
(c) Supreme General.
(d) Supreme Commander of the Allied forces.

4. After what event did Eisenhower decide to keep his running mate?
(a) After a public speech.
(b) After a private meeting.
(c) After a public apology.
(d) After reading polls.

5. What did Eisenhower think needed to happen for the invasion of France to be successful?
(a) The Germans needed to be surprised.
(b) Everything needed to go perfectly according to plan.
(c) The new bombers needed to destroy the SS divisions near Caen.
(d) The junior officers needed to step up.

6. What did Truman think of Eisenhower's political loyalties before the election?
(a) He was a Democrat.
(b) He was unaffiliated.
(c) He was a Republican.
(d) He was a libertarian.

7. What did Montgomery and Brooks try to do to Eisenhower concerning the battle plan?
(a) They tried to convince Eisenhower their plan was better.
(b) They tried to convince Eisenhower to stop supporting Patton.
(c) They tried to convince Eisenhower to take more risks.
(d) They tried to convince Eisenhower to surrender his command.

8. What did many Republicans want him to do after accusations about his running mate arose?
(a) Drop out of the race.
(b) Talk to the press before making any decisions.
(c) Change his pick for Vice President.
(d) Support his running mate.

9. What was everyone looking for Eisenhower to do in 1948?
(a) Run for President.
(b) Make peace with Stalin.
(c) Retire.
(d) Win the Korean War.

10. What promotion did Truman give Eisenhower?
(a) Chief of Staff.
(b) General of the Armies.
(c) General of the Army.
(d) General.

11. What was damaged when Eisenhower made the deal over the control of North Africa?
(a) His relationship with the British.
(b) The 5th armored division.
(c) His relationship with MacArthur.
(d) The battleship St. Louis.

12. How did Eisenhower react to President Truman's request?
(a) He was saddened.
(b) He was concerned.
(c) He was disgusted.
(d) He was thrilled.

13. What did Eisenhower do to the military spending in his first year as President?
(a) He delegated its calculation to Joe Fox.
(b) He increased it.
(c) He cut it.
(d) He tried to keep it the same.

14. Why was Eisenhower troubled by the Communist hunt at the start of his first term?
(a) The hunt was spearheaded by a Democrat.
(b) He wanted to be the one fighting the Communists.
(c) He did not agree with the methods.
(d) He did not think Communists infiltrated the country.

15. What happened on November 1, 1952?
(a) Eisenhower lost the presidential election.
(b) Eisenhower had his first heart attack.
(c) Eisenhower was elected President.
(d) Nixon was elected President.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Eisenhower decide would need to happen for him to run for President?

2. Who represented Eisenhower's main challenge at the start of his presidency?

3. What did Montgomery and Brooks think of Eisenhower?

4. Who did Eisenhower pick to be his running mate for the 1952 election, in Chapter 10?

5. What nickname was given to Eisenhower's cabinet, according to Chapter 11?

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