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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Eisenhower trust too much, according to Chapter 7?
(a) De Gaulle.
(b) The Russians.
(c) Montgomery.
(d) The Germans.

2. What was Eisenhower's main academic interest while in college?
(a) English.
(b) History.
(c) Chemistry.
(d) Science.

3. How did Eisenhower manage Patton and Montgomery during the battle for France?
(a) He tried to have them talk to each other.
(b) He favored Patton.
(c) He favored Montgomery.
(d) He tried to keep them both happy.

4. When did World War I end?
(a) October 24, 1918.
(b) November 11, 1918.
(c) July 8th, 1918.
(d) May 24, 1918.

5. What did Eisenhower do to the military spending in his first year as President?
(a) He tried to keep it the same.
(b) He delegated its calculation to Joe Fox.
(c) He increased it.
(d) He cut it.

6. Who did Eisenhower hesitate to pull back during the battle mentioned in Chapter 4?
(a) Fredentall.
(b) Bradley.
(c) Leclerc.
(d) Patton.

7. Who was Eisenhower introduced to at the start of Chapter 2?
(a) Winston Churchill.
(b) F.D. Roosevelt.
(c) Fox Conner.
(d) General MacArthur.

8. Where was Eisenhower's son, John, before being recalled to Washington for his father's inauguration?
(a) Vietnam.
(b) Germany.
(c) Japan.
(d) Korea.

9. What was everyone looking for Eisenhower to do in 1948?
(a) Retire.
(b) Make peace with Stalin.
(c) Win the Korean War.
(d) Run for President.

10. What did Chapter 9 say Eisenhower was bombarded with since the end of the war?
(a) Requests for interviews.
(b) Love letters.
(c) Death threats.
(d) Requests to run for president.

11. When did the relationship between Eisenhower and MacArthur sour?
(a) After Eisenhower refused to salute MacArthur.
(b) After the "debacle on the island."
(c) After MacArthur was passed over in favor in Eisenhower.
(d) After MacArthur was refused more troops.

12. What happened after Eisenhower assumed total command over the land base operations?
(a) The Allies were put back at sea.
(b) Germany surrendered.
(c) The battle turned in favor of the Allies.
(d) The battle was lost.

13. What was Eisenhower's first assignment after entering the Army?
(a) The Philippines.
(b) Fort Sam Houston.
(c) Fort Lauderdale.
(d) Army central command in Washington.

14. What was over at the start of Chapter 8?
(a) The Vietnam War.
(b) World War II.
(c) The Korean War.
(d) The Panama Crisis.

15. What postponed the invasion of France for several days?
(a) Weather.
(b) Sabotage of the radar network of England.
(c) Delays in receiving vital information.
(d) Mechanical problems with the fleet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did many Republicans want him to do after accusations about his running mate arose?

2. What promotion did Truman give Eisenhower?

3. Whose troop does Chapter 5 say did not advance as far as expected?

4. Who represented Eisenhower's main challenge at the start of his presidency?

5. What did Eisenhower say he realized in 1948 concerning the Bolsheviks?

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