Eisenhower: Soldier and President Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the purpose of the book, according to Chapter 1?

According to Chapter 1, the purpose of the book is a biography which follows Eisenhower from his time at West Point, to commanding Allied forces, his presidency, and eventually his death.

2. Who were Dwight Eisenhower's parents?

The parents of Dwight Eisenhower were David and Ida Eisenhower. Dwight's father worked at a creamery and Ida stayed home with their children as a caretaker for the family.

3. What was Eisenhower interested in, and how is it significant?

Eisenhower was interested in military history, as well as sports that allowed him to demonstrate his competitive spirit. These interests contributed to his military life as they allowed him to understand how to better command his troops, as well as motivate others.

4. What happened at Fort Sam Houston, Texas?

At Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Eisenhower met the love of his life, Mary (Mamie) prior to moving to several other locations.

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