Eisenhower: Soldier and President Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. What was Eisenhower's date of birth, according to Chapter 1?


2. What were the names of Eisenhower's parents?

David and Ida.

3. In what town did Eisenhower spend his youth?


4. How many brothers did Eisenhower have?

5 brothers.

5. What school did Eisenhower attend after high school?

West Point.

6. What was Eisenhower's main academic interest while in college?


7. What was Eisenhower's main non-academic interest while in college?


8. What was Eisenhower's first assignment after entering the Army?

Fort Sam Houston.

9. Who did Eisenhower meet several months before being reassigned to Georgia?

His future wife.

10. When was Eisenhower supposed to leave for France in 1918?

November 18.

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