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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the two men from Chattanooga make fun of Little Tree?
(a) They laugh at his moccasins.
(b) They call him uneducated.
(c) They call him an unpleasant name because he does not recollect his father.
(d) They tease him about belonging nowhere.

2. What is the meaning of the red flag planted on the land by the regulators?
(a) It means the occupants cannot pay the taxes on the land.
(b) It means the occupants have been taken to jail.
(c) It means blood has been shed during fighting on the land.
(d) It means that the government has evicted squatters from the land.

3. How does the author reveal Granpa's sense of humor even during this dangerous adventure?
(a) He makes up a funny poem about their escape.
(b) He encourages Little Tree to have a good laugh and forget the whole incident.
(c) Granpa jokes that as soon as he lies down, Granma lifts her skirt and tries to seduce him.
(d) He makes up a funny song about their escape.

4. Why does the author include the special relationship between Mr. Wine and Little Tree's family in the story?
(a) To show that the world has many different types of people.
(b) To show that despite ethnic and racial differences, people with common values and beliefs can become close friends.
(c) To show that Little Tree has someone to help round out his education.
(d) To show that Little Tree is learning to relate to many different people.

5. In Chapter 12, how does the author demonstrate Granpa's respect for the animals?
(a) They release animals from the trap when they are carrying young ones.
(b) They stop trapping in the Spring and Summer because the animals are raising their young.
(c) They throw the young fish back into the creek.
(d) They stop trapping once they have caught enough for a meal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Little Tree describe Fall as nature's grace time?

2. Which two incidents destroy Granpa's hope of being able to keep Little Tree?

3. Why does Willow John leave a long knife in church?

4. How does the author demonstrate that despite being poor, the sharecropper is instilling pride in his daughter?

5. Why does Mr. Wine light a candle at a special time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Granpa interested in talking to Mr. Slick and Mr. Chunk about putting him to work on a big whiskey still?

2. During an incident in Chapter 13, poor people on the farm in the clearing are harassed and killed by government authorities. What part does this incident play in the novel?

3. What are the early symbols in Chapter 20 of Little Tree's excitement that he is home from the orphanage?

4. What examples of prejudice and misunderstanding does Little Tree encounter at the orphanage?

5. What purpose does Willow John serve in the novel?

6. In what two ways do Granpa and Granma help to create a sense of worth in Little Tree during Chapter 15?

7. How does the description of the incident with Mr. Slick and Mr. Chunk demonstrate the author's ability to use humor?

8. In what way does the title of Chapter 18 foreshadow the events that occur in it?

9. What are the author's reasons for introducing the sharecropper and his daughter to the reader?

10. Give a brief summary of the events related by Granpa that lead to Little Tree's return from the orphanage.

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