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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In regard to the family that Granpa sees facing hardships on the farm, what do Granpa and the soldiers have in common?
(a) They are concerned about the children.
(b) They are prejudiced against the black man at the farm.
(c) They are motivated to provide help.
(d) They believe they have no right to be there.

2. How does the author establish Granma's resourcefulness in Chapter 12?
(a) She sends Little Tree to the neighboring cabin to get help.
(b) She hurries Little Tree and Granpa to the cabin where she quickly finds remedies.
(c) She uses a Cherokee cry to alert other mountain people to the problem.
(d) She quickly takes charge of the situation and does everything that's necessary to make things right.

3. How do the events in Chapter 12 demonstrate the importance of Granma's knowledge of plants and herbs?
(a) It helps her to save someone's life.
(b) It soothes Granpa's bear bite.
(c) It helps to stop Little Tree's arm from swellling.
(d) It stops Little Tree's bleeding.

4. At the beginning of the chapter "The Farm in the Clearing", what inhuman scene does Granpa describe to Little Tree?
(a) He sees a man and woman wearing leather harnesses and pulling a plow like mules.
(b) He sees soldiers abusing the children.
(c) He sees a man beating a woman and two children.
(d) He sees a man with a stump for a leg being beaten by soldiers.

5. Why does Mr. Wine light a candle at a special time?
(a) It is in memory of his grandson.
(b) He believes that it is a way of sharing thoughts with his scattered relatives who light candles at the same time.
(c) It is time for the Jewish evening prayer.
(d) It is part of the Jewish ritual.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the news heard in Chapter 11, what is causing people in New York to die?

2. What dangerous adventure gives Chapter 12 its title?

3. How does Little Tree's love and appreciation of nature help him overcome the isolation of the orphanage?

4. What is the importance of the way Chapter 12 ends?

5. According to Mr. Jenkins, who are the two men from Chattanooga and why are they looking for Granpa?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Granpa interested in talking to Mr. Slick and Mr. Chunk about putting him to work on a big whiskey still?

2. What are the author's reasons for introducing the sharecropper and his daughter to the reader?

3. In what way does the title of Chapter 18 foreshadow the events that occur in it?

4. How and why does Granpa's approach to people in church who are badly off differ from the approach of others?

5. In what two ways do Granpa and Granma help to create a sense of worth in Little Tree during Chapter 15?

6. How do Granpa and Little Tree continue to make sure that as much as possible is learned from Little's Tree loss in the calf purchase?

7. How does Little Tree's love of nature help him through the misery he feels at the orphanage?

8. Identify two specific lessons that Little Tree learns from his family and that are reinforced by Mr. Wine.

9. How does this episode on the old farm symbolize both the cruelty and generosity observed by Granpa in his youth?

10. What purpose does Willow John serve in the novel?

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