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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to his grandparents, why is it important for Little Tree to learn about his past?
(a) Because he will have to teach his own children about the past.
(b) Because without understanding his past, he will not understand his future.
(c) So he will know about his relatives.
(d) Because it will help him understand the Cherokee ways.

2. According to Granpa's story, why did his father's friend enter the church with a pistol?
(a) Because having fought battles all his life and lost everything, he has nothing more to fight about.
(b) He has lost his home and family.
(c) The people in the church have been saying bad things about him.
(d) He believes the preacher's sermon is against him.

3. According to Granma, why are secret places so important?
(a) They allow each person to hide away when faced with danger.
(b) They allow each person to pray.
(c) They allow each person to read in a quiet place.
(d) They nurture each individual's spirit body.

4. What lesson does the author teach the reader in Chapter 6, based on how the Indians responded to the oppression by the soldiers?
(a) The oppressed should fight back even if it causes more deaths.
(b) The oppressed will always turn against each other in order to escape death.
(c) The oppressed should surrender in order to save lives.
(d) Oppressed people can remain strong and proud.

5. Why is the lady in the black car frustrated by Granpa's answer?
(a) She thinks Granpa is being rude.
(b) She thinks Granpa is a foreigner.
(c) Granpa directs them toward a mountain, due west.
(d) She thinks Granpa is deaf.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Trail of Tears?

2. When the soldiers drive the Cherokee from their land, how do the Cherokee show their pride?

3. In the early chapters of the book, what kind of education is Little Tree receiving from his grandparents?

4. What is Little Tree's responsibility in producing the whiskey?

5. How does the author reveal that the policeman might be wrong to put the driver of the black car in jail?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the title of the chapter "I kin ye Bonnie Bee"?

2. State an important purpose that is served by this chapter in regard to the social setting of the book.

3. What important facts does the author provide about Little Tree when he is introduced to the reader?

4. How does the description of the incident with Mr. Slick and Mr. Chunk demonstrate the author's ability to use humor?

5. Why is the trail called the "Trail of Tears" and how does the author challenge some traditional beliefs about what happened there?

6. How does Granma explain the existence of body and spirit to Little Tree in Chapter 8?

7. What are the early symbols in Chapter 20 of Little Tree's excitement that he is home from the orphanage?

8. In Chapter 3, how does Granpa explain George Washington's decision to introduce a tax on whiskey? How does Granpa justify this belief?

9. What is "The Way" and why does it play a critical role in Little Tree's education?

10. Summarize the story about 'Coon Jack' and explain Granpa's reason for telling it to Little Tree.

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