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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Granpa help Little Tree overcome feeling empty and sad after Ringer's death?
(a) He tells him to accept that Ringer is better off as he won't suffer anymore.
(b) He says the only way not to feel empty and sad is never to love anything, but then he will always feel sad and empty.
(c) He tells him he will feel better in a few days.
(d) He tells him to remember the good times with Ringer.

2. When Little Tree demonstrates that he has learned the lessons about nature, what name does Granpa say he would give him if he didn't have a name already?
(a) Little Bee.
(b) Little Bear.
(c) Little Cherokee.
(d) Little Hawk.

3. How does the author use contrast to show different lifestyles and characters in Chapter 7?
(a) The author describes the routine, laborious work on the land and later shows readers a colorful visitor talking about cars, criminals and money-making schemes.
(b) The author describes the mountain and then changes the setting to the busy square at the settlement.
(c) The author brings the excited policeman dressed in his city clothes into the cabin where everyone is calm and dressed in traditional clothes.
(d) The author contrasts the plow with the fast black car driven by the visitor.

4. How does Granpa make his living?
(a) Selling crops at the settlement store.
(b) Selling fish at the settlement store.
(c) Selling meat at the settlement store.
(d) Making and selling whiskey.

5. How do the visitor's ambitions contrast with the values of Granpa and Granma?
(a) The visitor wants to get easy money but Granpa and Granma know they own inherited land so they need no schemes to get rich.
(b) The visitor is intent on getting rich while Granpa and Granma have no interest in having more than they need to survive.
(c) The visitor wants quick riches but Granpa and Granma prefer to get rich by selling crops.
(d) The visitor wants money but Granma and Granpa don't want to be rich, they just want to protect Little Tree's inheritance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Granpa suggest as the only logical explanation for this law of George Washington's that makes him so angry?

2. In Chapter 7, Little Tree's grandparents place emphasis on teaching him some more very important skills. Why do they do this?

3. What does the incident between Little Tree and the lawmen on the mountain demonstrate about Little Tree?

4. What does the woman in the black car ask when she stops Little Tree and Granpa on their way back from the settlement?

5. What can the reader deduce about the author's intention in describing Cherokee beliefs and values in Chapter 8?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is "The Way" and why does it play a critical role in Little Tree's education?

2. How do Granpa and Granma ensure that there is a balance in Little Tree's education?

3. What detailed explanation of "The Way" does Granpa's give Little Tree when the hawk, Tal-con kills a quail?

4. How does Chapter 5 establish some of the special roles played by Granma in the family?

5. State an important purpose that is served by this chapter in regard to the social setting of the book.

6. How does the beginning of Chapter 10 contrast with the ending of the incident in which Little Tree protects the whiskey still from the outsiders?

7. What descriptions of the journey to, and arrival at his new home establish that Little Tree is going to be in a strange place?

8. How does Granpa's attitude to fox hunting make him special and show his regard for nature?

9. How does Granpa use the whiskey trade to give Little Tree a sense of belonging in the family, and how do readers know that it works?

10. At the end of Chapter 2, why does the author end with a poem?

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