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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In regard to the family that Granpa sees facing hardships on the farm, what do Granpa and the soldiers have in common?
(a) They are concerned about the children.
(b) They believe they have no right to be there.
(c) They are motivated to provide help.
(d) They are prejudiced against the black man at the farm.

2. In what two ways does the author introduce humor in the incident with the two men from Chattanooga?
(a) By describing how Little Tree sets the hounds on them and they are chased into the freezing river.
(b) By describing how Granpa leads them to the edge of the cliff and taunts them until they beg for forgiveness.
(c) By describing how Little Tree outwits them and sends them running from the hounds.
(d) By describing how the men fall into poison ivy and how Granma cooks them fish with roots that cause diarrhea.

3. Why does Mr. Wine light a candle at a special time?
(a) He believes that it is a way of sharing thoughts with his scattered relatives who light candles at the same time.
(b) It is time for the Jewish evening prayer.
(c) It is part of the Jewish ritual.
(d) It is in memory of his grandson.

4. What is unusual about the type of church that Little Tree's family attends?
(a) It is the only church so it services various faiths, including Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Church of Christ.
(b) It is the only church so the preacher uses many different languages.
(c) The church is only open for services once per month.
(d) The church only allows Cherokee to sit at the back.

5. What advice from Granma does Little Tree follow to help him get through his need for communication with his grandparents?
(a) He watches the Dog Star from his window and imagines conversations with Granma, Granpa and Willow John.
(b) He watches the mountain range in the distance and communicates with his family.
(c) He watches the Milky Way and communicates with his family.
(d) He watches the moon and tells it his secrets.

6. What do Little Tree and the sharecropper's daughter have in common?
(a) Both live off the land and have a strong sense of pride.
(b) Both are being deprived of education.
(c) Both are exposed to the challenges of being young in an adult world.
(d) Both are poor.

7. How does the preacher make Granpa angry in some of his sermons?
(a) He talks a lot about Pharisees or separates, while looking and pointing straight at Granpa's family.
(b) He rants and raves about whiskey makers.
(c) He talks with contempt about the Catholics.
(d) He talks with contempt about the Cherokee.

8. What weekly event puts Little Tree and his family in the company of Willow John?
(a) On the way from the settlement every Saturday, they drop off supplies for Willow John.
(b) On the way from the settlement every Saturday, they pick up Willow John to go home with them.
(c) On the way to church every Sunday, they stop to visit Willow John.
(d) On the way from church every Sunday, they pick up Willow John to go to the cabin for lunch.

9. Why does Little Tree describe Fall as nature's grace time?
(a) It is the time to prepare for Christmas.
(b) It is the time to say extra prayers for a safe winter.
(c) It is the time to give thanks for nature's grace.
(d) It is a time to put things in order, to remember, and to regret things that weren't accomplished.

10. How does Mr. Wine's death shed light on the previous incident in which he prays and then walks away without acknowledging Little Tree's gratitude for the yellow coat?
(a) It makes it clear that Mr. Wine is losing his mind.
(b) It makes it clear that Mr. Wine wants to die alone.
(c) It makes it clear that Mr. Wine knows he is about to die and has no relatives to tell.
(d) It makes it clear that Mr. Wine knows he is going to die and wants to express his special feeling for Little Tree.

11. How does the author demonstrate that despite being poor, the sharecropper is instilling pride in his daughter?
(a) The sharecropper whips his daughter's legs and tells her to give back the moccasins Little Tree gives to her.
(b) The sharecropper tells Granpa to keep his grandson away from his daughter.
(c) The sharecropper forbids his daughter to speak to Little Tree.
(d) The sharecropper chastises his daughter for talking to Little Tree.

12. Why is Wilburn, the boy at the orphanage, as much of an outcast as Little Tree is?
(a) He is Mexican.
(b) His clubfoot makes him different from the other children.
(c) He is African-American.
(d) He is Jewish.

13. What is the first thing that Little Tree does on the trail when he is going home from the orphanage?
(a) He puts on his moccasins.
(b) He runs to his secret place.
(c) He runs to The Narrows.
(d) He takes off his shoes so he can feel the trail.

14. How do the two men from Chattanooga make fun of Little Tree?
(a) They call him uneducated.
(b) They laugh at his moccasins.
(c) They tease him about belonging nowhere.
(d) They call him an unpleasant name because he does not recollect his father.

15. What is the meaning of the red flag planted on the land by the regulators?
(a) It means the occupants cannot pay the taxes on the land.
(b) It means the occupants have been taken to jail.
(c) It means that the government has evicted squatters from the land.
(d) It means blood has been shed during fighting on the land.

Short Answer Questions

1. The efforts made by the person who actually gets the reverend to release Little Tree from the orphanage symbolize the strength of some relationships. Which relationship is actually involved?

2. What change does Little Tree make that demonstrates how much he has learned from the loss of the money spent on the calf?

3. In what way do the events in Chapter 18 represent a major turning point in the novel?

4. At church, how does Granpa demonstrate his belief about the importance of self-sufficiency ?

5. How does the reverend at the orphanage continue the prejudice that Little Tree has suffered throughout his life?

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