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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author implies there is a special bond between Willow John and Little Tree, despite the difference in their ages. What is the cause of this bond?
(a) Both have suffered the loss of their parents.
(b) Both are outsiders who don't quite belong in the world they occupy.
(c) Both have suffered from having to adjust to moving to the mountain area.
(d) Both have a great sense of humor.

2. According to the news heard in Chapter 11, what is causing people in New York to die?
(a) Severe snow storms.
(b) Overcrowding and the spread of illnesses.
(c) They are killing themselves by jumping off roofs.
(d) A serious epidemic that causes depression.

3. According to Granpa's story about the farm, who was in charge of the land when Granpa was growing up?
(a) The land was occupied by Union soldiers and run by politicians.
(b) The Cherokees were in charge of the land.
(c) Granpa's family had the run of the land.
(d) The Confederates were in charge of the land.

4. How does Little Tree describe the effect of returning to his secret place in Chapter 20?
(a) He says the memory of his suffering is blown away by the wind.
(b) He says he feels refreshed when he sees the creek.
(c) He says the memory of the orphanage is washed away by the stream.
(d) Little Tree says his spirit has stopped hurting, and he feels washed clean by the trees, the spring branch and the birds.

5. How does the author demonstrate that despite being poor, the sharecropper is instilling pride in his daughter?
(a) The sharecropper whips his daughter's legs and tells her to give back the moccasins Little Tree gives to her.
(b) The sharecropper forbids his daughter to speak to Little Tree.
(c) The sharecropper tells Granpa to keep his grandson away from his daughter.
(d) The sharecropper chastises his daughter for talking to Little Tree.

6. What weekly event puts Little Tree and his family in the company of Willow John?
(a) On the way from the settlement every Saturday, they pick up Willow John to go home with them.
(b) On the way from church every Sunday, they pick up Willow John to go to the cabin for lunch.
(c) On the way from the settlement every Saturday, they drop off supplies for Willow John.
(d) On the way to church every Sunday, they stop to visit Willow John.

7. Why is Wilburn, the boy at the orphanage, as much of an outcast as Little Tree is?
(a) He is Jewish.
(b) He is African-American.
(c) He is Mexican.
(d) His clubfoot makes him different from the other children.

8. What do Little Tree and the sharecropper's daughter have in common?
(a) Both are poor.
(b) Both are exposed to the challenges of being young in an adult world.
(c) Both are being deprived of education.
(d) Both live off the land and have a strong sense of pride.

9. Why does the author include the special relationship between Mr. Wine and Little Tree's family in the story?
(a) To show that despite ethnic and racial differences, people with common values and beliefs can become close friends.
(b) To show that the world has many different types of people.
(c) To show that Little Tree has someone to help round out his education.
(d) To show that Little Tree is learning to relate to many different people.

10. What dangerous adventure gives Chapter 12 its title?
(a) Little Tree is bitten by a bear.
(b) Little Tree is bitten by a rattlesnake.
(c) Granpa is bitten by a rattlesnake from which he rescues Little Tree.
(d) Granpa is bitten by a bear.

11. Which of the following is the best explanation for the author's inclusion of Granpa's story about the "Farm in the Clearing" in the novel?
(a) To show that Granpa was once a boy living freely on the land.
(b) To show that whenever authorities get involved in a situation, they make it bad.
(c) To show that despite the difference between ethnic groups, individuals share admirable human qualities.
(d) To show how important it is to prevent people from capturing land.

12. How does the preacher make Granpa angry in some of his sermons?
(a) He talks a lot about Pharisees or separates, while looking and pointing straight at Granpa's family.
(b) He talks with contempt about the Catholics.
(c) He rants and raves about whiskey makers.
(d) He talks with contempt about the Cherokee.

13. What is the importance of the way Chapter 12 ends?
(a) To demonstrate that time is running out for the family.
(b) To demonstrate how grave danger has cemented the bonds among the members of the family.
(c) To demonstrate that the Cherokee way of life has serious dangers.
(d) To demonstrate that everyone in the family has an important role.

14. What is the first thing that Little Tree does on the trail when he is going home from the orphanage?
(a) He runs to The Narrows.
(b) He puts on his moccasins.
(c) He takes off his shoes so he can feel the trail.
(d) He runs to his secret place.

15. Which of the following is the best alternate title for Chapter 14?
(a) .Little Tree Defends His Mountain.
(b) The Men from Chattanooga.
(c) City Slickers Outwit Mountain Dwellers.
(d) Granma's Special Brew.

Short Answer Questions

1. Referring to people who like to take and give handouts, what similarity does Granpa describe between some people and some countries?

2. What evidence is given in Chapter 16 that there is prejudice even in the church?

3. How does Mr. Wine assure Little Tree that he is getting a good education?

4. In regard to leaving the orphanage, how does Granpa reveal that he wants Little Tree to continue learning to make his own decisions?

5. How does the reverend at the orphanage continue the prejudice that Little Tree has suffered throughout his life?

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