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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is the best alternate title for Chapter 14?
(a) .Little Tree Defends His Mountain.
(b) City Slickers Outwit Mountain Dwellers.
(c) The Men from Chattanooga.
(d) Granma's Special Brew.

2. What is the special symbolism of the chapter title "Down From the mountain"?
(a) It symbolizes the end of Little Tree's adventures on the mountain when he must come down to the reality of separation from his family.
(b) It symbolizes the destruction of the mountain trail.
(c) It symbolizes Mr. Wine's last trip to the cabin.
(d) It symbolizes Granpa's last trip to the mountain trail.

3. Referring to people who like to take and give handouts, what similarity does Granpa describe between some people and some countries?
(a) He says some people who take handouts are like some countries that depend on other countries like dogs.
(b) He says people who like to give charity are like some countries who help other countries and then run their affairs.
(c) He says some countries treat other countries like dogs because they give them handouts.
(d) He says people who take and give handouts are like some countries that like people to be dependent on them so they can treat them like dogs.

4. How do the events in Chapter 12 demonstrate the importance of Granma's knowledge of plants and herbs?
(a) It helps to stop Little Tree's arm from swellling.
(b) It soothes Granpa's bear bite.
(c) It helps her to save someone's life.
(d) It stops Little Tree's bleeding.

5. How does the author create sympathy in the reader for Willow John?
(a) He describes how there are always tears in his eyes when he speaks about the Nation.
(b) He describes how Willow John stays away from everyone and looks sad.
(c) He describes Willow John as a broken man.
(d) He describes his silence about the lost Nation and his sad eyes that suggest his thoughts are far away.

6. What is the importance of the way Chapter 12 ends?
(a) To demonstrate how grave danger has cemented the bonds among the members of the family.
(b) To demonstrate that everyone in the family has an important role.
(c) To demonstrate that time is running out for the family.
(d) To demonstrate that the Cherokee way of life has serious dangers.

7. What is the first thing that Little Tree does on the trail when he is going home from the orphanage?
(a) He runs to The Narrows.
(b) He runs to his secret place.
(c) He puts on his moccasins.
(d) He takes off his shoes so he can feel the trail.

8. In Chapter 16, what does the author suggest about the importance of the church teachings to Granpa and Little Tree?
(a) They are very involved in the church teachings and make certain they discuss the Bible stories for full understanding.
(b) Granpa leaves this part of Little Tree's lessons to Granma.
(c) Granpa doesn't believe any of it but he wants Little Tree to work it out for himself.
(d) They don't fully understand what the church is about and are confused about the Bible stories.

9. What weekly event puts Little Tree and his family in the company of Willow John?
(a) On the way from the settlement every Saturday, they pick up Willow John to go home with them.
(b) On the way to church every Sunday, they stop to visit Willow John.
(c) On the way from the settlement every Saturday, they drop off supplies for Willow John.
(d) On the way from church every Sunday, they pick up Willow John to go to the cabin for lunch.

10. What do Little Tree and the sharecropper's daughter have in common?
(a) Both live off the land and have a strong sense of pride.
(b) Both are being deprived of education.
(c) Both are poor.
(d) Both are exposed to the challenges of being young in an adult world.

11. What important part does Mr. Wine play in the education of Little Tree?
(a) He teaches Little Tree about Jewish history.
(b) He teaches Little Tree how to fix clocks.
(c) He teaches Little Tree how to tell time, how to solve math problems and how to be thrifty.
(d) He teaches Little Tree how to taste wine.

12. In regard to the family that Granpa sees facing hardships on the farm, what do Granpa and the soldiers have in common?
(a) They believe they have no right to be there.
(b) They are motivated to provide help.
(c) They are concerned about the children.
(d) They are prejudiced against the black man at the farm.

13. How does Granpa help Little Tree understand the seriousness of spending the money on the calf?
(a) Granpa sends him to find the man who sold him the calf and demand his money.
(b) Granpa makes Little Tree write down on paper how much he spent and lost.
(c) Granpa makes Little Tree go without his earnings for the next two weeks.
(d) Granpa reduces Little Tree's stake in the business.

14. Why does Little Tree describe Fall as nature's grace time?
(a) It is the time to prepare for Christmas.
(b) It is the time to give thanks for nature's grace.
(c) It is a time to put things in order, to remember, and to regret things that weren't accomplished.
(d) It is the time to say extra prayers for a safe winter.

15. Why does Mr. Wine light a candle at a special time?
(a) It is part of the Jewish ritual.
(b) It is in memory of his grandson.
(c) He believes that it is a way of sharing thoughts with his scattered relatives who light candles at the same time.
(d) It is time for the Jewish evening prayer.

Short Answer Questions

1. In regard to leaving the orphanage, how does Granpa reveal that he wants Little Tree to continue learning to make his own decisions?

2. Why does Little Tree believe that the incident in which he gets into trouble with the teacher eventually leads to Granpa coming for him?

3. How does the preacher make Granpa angry in some of his sermons?

4. The author shares many Cherokee symbols with the reader. What is revealed in Chapter 14 about the meaning of an Indian holding up his palm?

5. Why does Willow John leave a long knife in church?

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