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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens in Chapter 8 to suggest that Little Tree has a natural tendency towards some Cherokee ways?
(a) He is naturally attracted to the medicinal herbs that Granma collects.
(b) He is naturally attracted to the songs of the frogs.
(c) He finds himself a special "secret" place and Granma tells him all Cherokees have secret places.
(d) He is naturally attracted to the spiders weaving their webs.

2. How do the Cherokee who escape from the soldiers into the hollows survive?
(a) They live in caves and survive by fishing in the nearby creek.
(b) They live off fishing, wild game and sweet root and stay as silent as they can to avoid detection.
(c) They hide on the other side of the mountain and survive by hunting deer.
(d) They journey to the neighboring village and set up a camp.

3. How does Granpa dispose of the whiskey he makes?
(a) He gives away half and sells half.
(b) He keeps most of it and sells the rest to the store.
(c) He sells nine gallons to a store and keeps two gallons for use at home.
(d) He sells most of it, keeps some, and gives away the rest.

4. In Chapter 7, why does Granpa say that Little Tree looks like he is becoming a man?
(a) He begins to go out to the distant lands by himself.
(b) He is learning to cook with Granma's herbs.
(c) He is learning to farm and to plow although the work is difficult.
(d) He shows that he understands Granma's lessons about herbs.

5. How is this visitor in Chapter 7 hoping to become rich?
(a) Through a prize in a competition at the settlement.
(b) Through a reward from the police for turning in a stolen black car.
(c) By winning a writing competition and through a reward for alerting the police to the existence of a big criminal.
(d) By selling a large piece of land to the government and then earn interest at the bank.

6. Why does Little Tree set the coal oil can down when the lady in the black car speaks to them?
(a) Because it is getting heavy.
(b) To avoid the smell.
(c) Because Granpa teaches him that when spoken to, he should give full attention out of respect.
(d) Because it is beginning to spill oil.

7. What is the Hangin' Gap?
(a) The space between two streams in the mountain.
(b) A creek in the thin part of the trail.
(c) The gap between the two mountains.
(d) The place where Cherokees hang those who steal animals.

8. How does Granma help Little Tree to understand the relationship between nature and human development?
(a) Granma explains that the seasons are times when humans should learn from nature how to improve.
(b) Granma explains that Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are the periods of spiritual growth in a person's life.
(c) Granma explains that Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are like childhood, adolescence and maturity in humans.
(d) Granma explains that Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are periods in nature just as birth, adulthood, ageing and death are phases in human life.

9. Which of the following would be the best alternate title for Chapter 3?
(a) Little Tree's Education.
(b) Winter Evenings at the Cabin.
(c) Granpa Learns to Read.
(d) Family Circles.

10. Why is the lady in the black car frustrated by Granpa's answer?
(a) She thinks Granpa is deaf.
(b) She thinks Granpa is being rude.
(c) She thinks Granpa is a foreigner.
(d) Granpa directs them toward a mountain, due west.

11. How does Granpa make his living?
(a) Selling meat at the settlement store.
(b) Selling crops at the settlement store.
(c) Making and selling whiskey.
(d) Selling fish at the settlement store.

12. How is Granpa's approach to making whiskey different from that of the "city criminals" who just want to make money?
(a) Granpa puts nothing in his whiskey to increase volume while others add various substances to increase the volume.
(b) Granpa only uses lye to increase the volume.
(c) Granpa only uses water to increase the volume.
(d) Granpa only uses sugar to increase the volume.

13. How does Granpa teach Little Tree respect for the small creatures in Chapter 8?
(a) To avoid disturbing the frogs' songs by walking on tiptoes.
(b) To catch the tadpoles and place them in a jar for safety.
(c) To stay away from the spiders and the frogs.
(d) To set the spiders back in the ferns when they fall into the water.

14. What does the incident between Little Tree and the lawmen on the mountain demonstrate about Little Tree?
(a) That he knows where to hide in the mountains.
(b) His bravery and commitment to protecting Granpa and the whiskey still from outsiders.
(c) That he knows the signals necessary to warn Granpa when others are approaching.
(d) That he loves Granpa but he is afraid of the men with badges.

15. According to Little Tree, why do the white mountain men in the area respect Granpa?
(a) For his love of nature.
(b) For the lessons he teaches Little Tree.
(c) Because he is knowledgeable about the mountains.
(d) For his skills at trailing animals and his sense of instinct.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Granma respond when Little Tree gives her musk bugs?

2. What would be the most appropriate alternate title for Chapter 5?

3. What can the reader deduce about the author's intention in describing Cherokee beliefs and values in Chapter 8?

4. What does the visitor in Chapter 7 do at dinner that tempts Little Tree to forget one of his lessons about taking things?

5. How is the reader made aware that Pa eventually gets very close to the Indians?

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