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Asa Earl Carter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens in Chapter 8 to suggest that Little Tree has a natural tendency towards some Cherokee ways?
(a) He is naturally attracted to the spiders weaving their webs.
(b) He is naturally attracted to the medicinal herbs that Granma collects.
(c) He finds himself a special "secret" place and Granma tells him all Cherokees have secret places.
(d) He is naturally attracted to the songs of the frogs.

2. What is the difference between the author's portrayal of the visitor in Chapter 7 and the way in which the innocent Little Tree views him?
(a) The author suggests that he is not a sincere friend of the family, but Little Tree trusts him.
(b) The author suggests that he is spying on how Little Tree is being brought up, but Little Tree thinks he is a true friend.
(c) The author suggests that he is not very generous, but Little Tree thinks he is kind.
(d) The author suggests that he is always making up stories and schemes, but Little Tree thinks he is wise and successful.

3. How does Granpa dispose of the whiskey he makes?
(a) He keeps most of it and sells the rest to the store.
(b) He sells nine gallons to a store and keeps two gallons for use at home.
(c) He sells most of it, keeps some, and gives away the rest.
(d) He gives away half and sells half.

4. What helps to determine whether Granpa and Granma light the coal oil lamp in the evenings during winter?
(a) The weather.
(b) The time when they go to bed.
(c) The time when the sun sets.
(d) The cost of a nickel to fill the coal oil lamp.

5. How does the incident with the fox and hounds affect the relationship between Granpa and Little Tree?
(a) It has no effect on the relationship.
(b) It damages the relationship between Granpa and Little Tree.
(c) It continues to deepen the growing bond between Granpa and Little Tree.
(d) It causes Little Tree to fear Granpa.

6. How does Granpa help Little Tree overcome feeling empty and sad after Ringer's death?
(a) He tells him to accept that Ringer is better off as he won't suffer anymore.
(b) He says the only way not to feel empty and sad is never to love anything, but then he will always feel sad and empty.
(c) He tells him to remember the good times with Ringer.
(d) He tells him he will feel better in a few days.

7. According to his grandparents, why is it important for Little Tree to learn about his past?
(a) Because it will help him understand the Cherokee ways.
(b) Because he will have to teach his own children about the past.
(c) So he will know about his relatives.
(d) Because without understanding his past, he will not understand his future.

8. How does the author use contrast to show different lifestyles and characters in Chapter 7?
(a) The author describes the routine, laborious work on the land and later shows readers a colorful visitor talking about cars, criminals and money-making schemes.
(b) The author contrasts the plow with the fast black car driven by the visitor.
(c) The author brings the excited policeman dressed in his city clothes into the cabin where everyone is calm and dressed in traditional clothes.
(d) The author describes the mountain and then changes the setting to the busy square at the settlement.

9. How does Granpa help Little Tree to accept the death of Ringer after he is bludgeoned in the mountains?
(a) Granpa says Ringer dies knowing that Little Tree appreciates his help in the mountains.
(b) Granpa says Ringer knows that his time has come so he dies happy.
(c) Granpa says Ringer is aware of being found and taken home so he dies feeling better.
(d) Granpa says Ringer knows his injuries are too serious so he accepts he has to die.

10. What is the most important lesson that Little Tree learns from the stories heard in Chapter 5?
(a) The bad effects of fighting.
(b) That Granpa almost went to Chattanooga.
(c) That "kin" is all about the love and understanding between some people.
(d) That he has many relatives.

11. What would be the most appropriate alternate title for Chapter 4?
(a) The Fox outwits the Hounds.
(b) Little Tree Takes A Fox.
(c) Granpa's Way of Hunting.
(d) Mountain Hunting.

12. In Chapter 6, the author reveals that Pa becomes a warrior late in his life. For whom does he fight?
(a) He fights for the Confederates against the government.
(b) He fights for the Indians against the soldiers.
(c) He fights for the Scottish army against the Americans.
(d) He fights for the government against foreigners.

13. Why does Granpa object to people who age whiskey?
(a) He believes that they are trying to make extra money.
(b) He believes they age whiskey to disguise the substances they add to it.
(c) He believes they are trying to disguise bad whiskey by keeping it longer.
(d) He believes rich men scheme to convince people that aged whiskey is better.

14. How old is Little Tree when the novel begins?
(a) Six years old.
(b) Five years old.
(c) Nine years old.
(d) Seven years old.

15. Who is Smokehouse and what role does he play in Chapter 7?
(a) The partner who works with the visitor to write the entry for the competition.
(b) The friend who gives the visitor a ride to the cabin.
(c) A half-Cherokee who burns wood for the coal oil lamp.
(d) The policeman who investigates the claim made by the visitor about an alleged criminal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Granpa pay so much attention to praising Little Tree and making him feel important?

2. In the narration, Little Tree says he discovers later on that Granma only read some parts of the stories about George Washington. What reason does Little Tree suggest for this?

3. How do the Cherokee who escape from the soldiers into the hollows survive?

4. What is Little Tree planning to do with the extra coins he is keeping in his pocket from his savings?

5. Why does the author show that important lessons for Little Tree come from Granma and not Granpa?

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