The Education of Little Tree Short Essay - Answer Key

Asa Earl Carter
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1. What important facts does the author provide about Little Tree when he is introduced to the reader?

Little Tree is a five-year-old half-Cherokee boy whose mother has just died. He is now an orphan because his father died one year earlier. After his mother's funeral, relatives divide up some of his parents' possessions and argue about what is to become of him. After listening for sometime, his Granpa tells them to leave him alone and takes him away on a bus.

2. How does the behavior of some of the people on the bus help to introduce one of the themes of the novel?

The bus driver roughly demands tickets from Granpa and causes some passengers to laugh when Granpa begins to count up the fare. Other passengers ridicule Granpa and Granma and although Little Tree is too young to understand their behavior, it is clear that this behavior is being used by the author to introduce the theme of prejudice against the family because of their Indian heritage.

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