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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, "A Night on the Mountain".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 1, what does Little Tree's description of the woods around his new home reveal about his attitude to the surroundings?
(a) He hates the sound of the wind but he likes the whispering wind.
(b) He finds the surroundings strange.
(c) He is longing for his old surroundings.
(d) The sights and sounds terrify him.

2. What does the woman in the black car ask when she stops Little Tree and Granpa on their way back from the settlement?
(a) The way to the cabin.
(b) The way to the church.
(c) If they want a ride home.
(d) The way to Chattanooga.

3. From the incident with the black car, what is revealed about Granpa's attitude towards words?
(a) Granpa finds words helpful in understanding other people.
(b) Granpa wants Little Tree to learn many new words.
(c) Granpa is eager to learn new words.
(d) Granpa thinks there are too many words and he prefers the sound of speech rather than the words used.

4. What is Granpa's reason for taking Little Tree on this walk up the trail?
(a) To teach him how to hunt.
(b) To expose him to the animals and teach him "The Way".
(c) To show him the way up to the mountains so he can see the sunrise.
(d) To show him the bees at work.

5. Why does Granma describe some people in the world as "dead"?
(a) They are only interested in oppressing others.
(b) They have no spirit-mind so they only see dirty if they look at a woman and they fail to see beauty in nature.
(c) They are only interested in material things.
(d) They are cruel to women and abuse nature.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it significant that Granpa reminds Little Tree in Chapter 10 about the importance of paying attention to people's tone and not just their words?

2. Why doesn't Granma scold Little Tree for getting wet in the woods?

3. In Chapter 2, how does Little Tree demonstrate that he has learned Granpa's lesson about nature's ways?

4. In Chapter 2, who has just died when Little Tree's relatives argue about where he should live?

5. What is Little Tree especially proud of in Chapter 9?

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