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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, "A Night on the Mountain".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Cherokee who escape from the soldiers into the hollows survive?
(a) They live in caves and survive by fishing in the nearby creek.
(b) They live off fishing, wild game and sweet root and stay as silent as they can to avoid detection.
(c) They hide on the other side of the mountain and survive by hunting deer.
(d) They journey to the neighboring village and set up a camp.

2. What reason does Granpa suggest as the only logical explanation for this law of George Washington's that makes him so angry?
(a) Washington hates children.
(b) Washington is a thief.
(c) Washington got a blow in the head.
(d) Washington hates Cherokees.

3. Why is the lady in the black car frustrated by Granpa's answer?
(a) She thinks Granpa is a foreigner.
(b) She thinks Granpa is deaf.
(c) She thinks Granpa is being rude.
(d) Granpa directs them toward a mountain, due west.

4. In the incident when Granpa sees the old farmhouse in the clearing, why is Granpa surprised by the soldier's treatment of the people on the farm when he returns there later?
(a) Granpa expects the soldiers to throw them off the land but they tie them up in the barn.
(b) Granpa expects the soldiers to help the people but they actually attack them with guns .
(c) Granpa expects the soldiers to harm them but they actually bring them a mule.
(d) Granpa expects the soldiers to stop them from plowing but they charge them taxes.

5. Which of the following is the best alternate title for Chapter 14?
(a) The Men from Chattanooga.
(b) .Little Tree Defends His Mountain.
(c) Granma's Special Brew.
(d) City Slickers Outwit Mountain Dwellers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What change does Little Tree make that demonstrates how much he has learned from the loss of the money spent on the calf?

2. How does the author demonstrate that despite being poor, the sharecropper is instilling pride in his daughter?

3. According to Granpa's story about the farm, who was in charge of the land when Granpa was growing up?

4. How does Little Tree's innocence and trust lead him to lose his money?

5. What does Little Tree learn about Granpa when he hears him say "I kin ye Bonnie Bee"?

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