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Asa Earl Carter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, "Shadows on a Cabin Wall".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the mode of narration used by the author to tell the story?
(a) The author is the narrator and knows everything.
(b) The author uses a second person point of view.
(c) The author uses first person from a child's perspective.
(d) The author uses a third person narrator who is not in the story.

2. Why does the author provide signs of racism in this first chapter of the book?
(a) Because Little Tree's family are freedom fighters.
(b) Because the Cherokees constantly practice racism.
(c) Because it's the only time it happens.
(d) To foreshadow more serious instances of racism that will occur later.

3. How does Granpa help Little Tree relate the lessons about nature to the behavior of some people?
(a) Granpa teaches Little Tree that people who store and take more than their share contribute to wars, land-grabbing and changing nature's ways.
(b) Granpa says that people who take more than their share cause others to starve.
(c) Granpa says that people who take more than their share cause jealousy.
(d) Granpa says that people who take more than their share do better than others.

4. What makes Little Tree go to bed feeling happier in spite of his loss in Chapter 1?
(a) He holds a gift from his mother as he goes to sleep.
(b) A good supper.
(c) Granma sings him a song that makes him understand his new name.
(d) Granma and Granpa promise to take care of him.

5. In Chapter 2, what is the most important lesson that Little Tree learns about nature?
(a) That small creatures need to be protected by larger ones.
(b) That the hawks help humans by killing dangerous animals.
(c) That there is a sense of balance in nature.
(d) That only the strong will survive.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 1, what kind of house is Little Tree taken to by his grandparents?

2. Little Tree's bed is made of what material?

3. Which of the following best describes the theme of the opening chapter?

4. Which book is always available at Little Tree's cabin and why?

5. In Little Tree's new home, what is the "dogtrot"?

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