Objects & Places from The Education of Little Tree

Asa Earl Carter
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Granpa and Granma's Cabin - This place is located at the base of a mountain, under tall trees and near a spring.

The High Trail - This is where Granpa educates Little Tree on "The Way," a Cherokee philosophy on nature.

The Settlement - Granpa and Little Tree often walk here to gather books and supplies, such as coal oil.

Crossroads Store - This is where Granpa sells his whiskey.

The Narrows - This is where the law enforcement officials try to catch Little Tree to discover the whereabouts of Granpa's whiskey still.

The Secret Place - This is a grassy knoll with a gum tree hidden by laurel where Granma says Little Tree can observe nature going through seasons that resemble the stages of human life.

The Orphanage - Little Tree is sent to this place to get an education since his grandparents are considered unfit...

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