Daily Lessons for Teaching The Education of Little Tree

Asa Earl Carter
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, "Little Tree")


Chapter 1, "Little Tree"

The reader is not told Little Tree's original name but as soon as it is decided that he will live with Granma and Granpa, he is named "Little Tree". The objective of this lesson is to establish the importance of names in different cultures.


1. Begin with a brief discussion about the significance of names. Ask students to share the meanings and origins of their names.

Explain to the class that you have a box of index cards on which you have written some names that are different from theirs. Ask each student to pick a card. Explain that the name on the card selected, will be the "new" name of the student who picked that card. Ask students to introduce themselves to the class, using their "new" names and to spend five minutes developing stories that match their new names. After five...

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