The Education of Little Tree Fun Activities

Asa Earl Carter
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Costume Parade

In the novel, there are several characters who dress differently from one another. Get together with your class-mates and plan a costume parade featuring Little Tree in his mountain clothing, Granma, Granpa, Pine Billy, the preacher, the sharecropper's daughter, and Mr. Slick and Mr. Chunk.

A Night on the Mountain

Plan an outdoor skit to dramatize the events involving Little Tree and Granpa against Mr. Slick and Mr. Chunk.

Little Tree gets a Date

Imagine that Little Tree persuades the sharecropper to allow him to take his daughter to church. Write an account of this event that could be inserted in the novel.

Cherokee Comics

Pretend that you are creating a comic book derived from the novel. Draw the pictures that you would use in the comic book to represent Granpa, Granma, Little Tree, Mr. Wine. Willow John and Pine Billy. Be sure to capture important...

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