The Education of Little Tree Character Descriptions

Asa Earl Carter
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Little Tree

This character has a haircut for a special reason. This character disappoints his/her guardians once by making a bad decision about buying a calf.


This character has a strong distrust of authority figures and blames politicians for the world's problems, but this character has a great sense of humor.


This character is wise and knowledgeable about plants and herbs which are used to save someone's life.

Willow John

This tall character wears long white braids with a hat and has sad eyes, stemming from a great loss.

Pine Billy

This character wears bright yellow high-top shoes, white rolled socks, a short black coat and hat.

Mr. Jenkins

This fat, round character with a bald head that shines like a pine knob, owns the store where one of the character's sells the whiskey.

Mr. Wine

This peddler is a good friend of the main...

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