The Education of Little Tree Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Asa Earl Carter
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Chapter 1, "Little Tree"

• The mother of Little Tree (a five-year old boy) dies a year after his father's death.

• His relatives discuss his future and decide that he must live with his grandparents.

• Granma and Granpa take Little Tree by bus on a long journey.

• On the bus, people laugh at Little Tree and his grandparents because of their Cherokee heritage.
• After the bus ride, Little Tree, Granma and Granpa walk a long way up the mountain to their cabin.

• Granma comforts Little Tree with a song and he goes to sleep feeling happy .

Chapter 2, "The Way"

• Granma makes Little Tree his first boot moccasins and he wears them out for a walk with Granpa.

• Through his moccasins, Little Tree feels the spirit of Mon-o-lah, the earth mother.

• Little Tree sees the sunrise and helps Granpa to set a turkey trap.

• They watch the hawk, Tal-con, kill a...

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