Educated: A Memoir Fun Activities

Tara Westover
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Love Letter

Write a letter to Tara in her puberty from Tara in adulthood. Include positive affirmations and kind encouragement from the author to her younger self. Remind teenage Tara that she is good and worthy of love.

Raccoon Eyes

Research the reason Tara's mother had raccoon eyes and headaches after her first car accident. Videotape a public service announcement alerting other people to the dangers of brain injuries.

Fire on the Mountain

Draw a comic or safety poster of the incidents leading up to Luke starting on fire. Include his actions and clothing, his injuries and the help he received, as well as his parents' reactions.

Double Vision

Tara's parents discussed charging her rent or kicking her out, until she reminded them she was 16, not 20. Draw a picture of what you think Tara looks like juxtaposed to what her parents must see.

Brain Drain

When Tara arrived...

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