Educated: A Memoir Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Tara Westover
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Essay Topic 1

In the Epigraph, Virginia Woolf’s quote is about the past and John Dewey’s quote is about education. Explain why the author used these two quotes. How do they represent the entirety of the book?

Essay Topic 2

Explain Tara's father's personality. Why did people listen to him if his ideas were so far outside of the norm? Describe what made him be able to command a room.

Essay Topic 3

Why did Tara and some of her siblings not have birth certificates? Explain the methods Tara's mother employed to get the documents. How was Tara's identity connected to her legitimacy on paper?

Essay Topic 4

How did Tara's family relate the signs of spring to the nomadic Indians? In what ways did Tara's family live in tune with nature? Did Tara's upbringing make her feel close to the natural world?

Essay Topic 5

What lessons did Tara learn...

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