Educated: A Memoir Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tara Westover
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Part One: Prologue - Chapter 4

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Westover, Tara. Educated: A Memoir. Random House, 2018.

• Throughout this Lesson Plan, the book’s title, Educated: A Memoir, will be referred to as Educated.

• Educated is an autobiographical, first person account of Tara Westover’s life.

• Educated is a work of nonfiction in which some names and details have been changed.

• This Lesson Plan will predominately use the names the author uses to refer to individuals, including pseudonyms.

• The Epigraph features quotes by Virginia Woolf and John Dewey.

• Virginia Woolf’s quote is about the past and Dewey’s quote is about education.

• The Prologue is a flashback.

• Tara reflects on being seven years old.

• She describes the view around her mountain home in Idaho.

• Tara states that what made her family different from other families was that the children...

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