Objects & Places from Echo Burning

Lee Child
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Pecos, Texas

This place is a town that looks after all legal issues for the surrounding towns. It is inhabited by a mostly Mexican population.

Loving County, Texas

This place is the least populated county in the United States, boasting a population of one hundred ten.

Red House Ranch

This is a big house with two stories and a tall chimney.

Longhorn Lounge

This place is located in the southern half of Echo County. It is owned and operated by Harley.

Echo County

This place is divided by one hundred sixty miles of nothing. It claims to be the world's biggest town from end to end, even larger than Los Angeles.

Target Search Zone

This place is a twenty mile strip where people look for Ellie.

Fort Stockton

This place is just short of fifty miles southeast of Pecos. It is believed to be where Ellie might be...

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