Daily Lessons for Teaching Echo Burning

Lee Child
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Jack Reacher is one of the main characters in "Echo Burning." He has many distinct character traits, like being a loner, fighting for what is right, seeking justice, and liking his privacy. Students will analyze the many character traits that make up the person Jack Reacher.


1) Class Discussion:

A. What are some of the personality or character traits that make up the person Jack Reacher?

B. What was Jack Reacher's past life or profession and how does this past life affect his personality or character traits?

C. Which of Jack Reacher's personality or character traits do you feel is most important to Reacher and why?

2) Analyze: Students will analyze the connection between Reacher's past job as a military policeman and his current personality traits. Is there and what is the connection between Reacher's personality trait of loneliness and privacy and being an ex-military policeman...

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