Echo Burning Character Descriptions

Lee Child
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Jack Reacher - This character is a loner who served in the United States army. The character believes in fighting for justice.

Carmen Greer - This character comes across as self-assured and elegantly refined. This character is a very convincing liar.

Ellie Greer - This character is young and has a very controlled and thoughtful demeanor throughout everything that happens in the story, except at the end when this character jumps with unrestrained joy into mom's arms.

Hack Walker - This character is the sheriff of Echo County and is responsible for a plot to become the elected judge of Echo County.

Sloop Greer - This lazy character is from a wealthy family. The person spent time in jail when caught by the IRS for tax evasion.

Rusty Greer - This character is an old crusty Texan who has just enough 'old' money to give power over...

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