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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of animal begins to invade the city after Ish and Em find one another?

2. When Ish stays with the couple that he meets in the eastern city, he finds they will not leave. Why does Ish think they won't leave?

3. What vegetable does Ish grow in his garden in Year Two of the Quick Years?

4. What event affects the house of Ish's neighbor that Ish refuses to fix?

5. What animal does Ish see in his neighbor's yard that doesn't seem to belong there?

Short Essay Questions

1. After the over-population of a certain animal, Ish notices that the larger ones of the species start killing one another off. He decides that the animals are not doing this out of hunger. What does he believe is the real reason?

2. Why does Ish start walking with a limp?

3. Why does Jack think that some of the arrowhead materials are better than others?

4. How does the Tribe see Ish?

5. What realization makes Ish feel humble beside Em? What does he finally understand?

6. When Ish goes to the library, he chooses two books to take home with him. Why do you think he chose these particular titles?

7. How would you react if you were in Ish's place when he finds out what happened?

8. Why do you think the group wouldn't allow Evie to have children?

9. Why are Richard and Robert chosen for the expedition instead of the other men?

10. What difference does Em make in Ish's life? What would have happened to Ish if Em had not been there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After the first few chapters of the book, Ish begins collecting companions. Each one interacts with, and affects, Ish in a number of different ways. What effect do the people in Ish's life have on him and his plans? What do the interactions between these people say about Ish, and how did their influences affect the outcome of the story?

Essay Topic 2

At one point, Ish realizes that the children have come to view him as a sort of deity, and that they attach a superstitious meaning to his hammer. Was Ish truly interested in preventing his deification? What effects will his teaching on these subjects, or lack of teaching, have on future generations and the development of civilization?

Essay Topic 3

In the end, Ish's version of "civilization" didn't turn out the way he planned. Is it better that his personal vision wasn't realized, or do you think that it would have been better if he could have completely restored civilization? Why or why not?

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