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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ish think the books in the library are important?
(a) People will use them to rebuild civilization.
(b) He wants to learn from the mistakes of history.
(c) Reading and arithmetic will help the children survive the elements.
(d) They may need to burn them for fuel during winter.

2. At the beginning of the book, why doesn't Ish know about the virus?
(a) Ish is in a coma.
(b) Ish is driving outside the city with his radio off.
(c) Ish is camping on the beach and fishing.
(d) Ish is in the country doing research.

3. When Ish arrives in a certain city in the east, ending his trip to that side of the country, what impresses him the most about the city?
(a) Filth.
(b) Size of the city.
(c) Destruction.
(d) Quiet.

4. In Year Sixteen, what do Mary and Ralph decide to do?
(a) Get married.
(b) Start a new village.
(c) Go look for other people.
(d) Run away from home.

5. When Ish stays with the couple that he meets in the eastern city, he finds they will not leave. Why does Ish think they won't leave?
(a) Their family is buried nearby.
(b) They're trying to restart the government.
(c) They can find everything they need within walking distance.
(d) They are afraid of the outside world.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Ish meets the family in Arkansas, the author talks about the fall of mankind. Who does the writer say will truly be saddened by the death of man?

2. What do the older members of the community notice that 
they think "pushes back the darkness" a little?

3. How many children did Em have before the virus?

4. At one point, Ish considers suicide, but there is one particular reason he decides not to kill himself. What gives Ish the will to live?

5. Out of all the people Ish finds at first, which of these is the most friendly?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is it significant that Ish has not passed on the tradition of carving the year into the rock? What effect may this have later?

2. Who does Ish think is his last companion?

3. What did Ezra do to test Charlie about his vest?

4. Why hasn't Ish ever noticed how beautiful Evie is?

5. Ish uses razors, and then throws them away, using a new one every day. Is this behavior a good idea or a bad idea? What doesthis say about Ish?

6. Why does Em start crying when she tells Ish about her pregnancy?

7. What is notable about how Ish acts on his trip home?

8. Is Ish a good leader for the Tribe? Why or why not?

9. What realization makes Ish feel humble beside Em? What does he finally understand?

10. Why do Ish's feelings about the execution seem to be very different than the feelings of the others?

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