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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At one point, Ish considers suicide, but there is one particular reason he decides not to kill himself. What gives Ish the will to live?
(a) Curiosity about his parents.
(b) Being an observer.
(c) The books he reads.
(d) The fear of death.

2. How does Ish first find out about the virus?
(a) A newspaper headline.
(b) A handwritten note on a body.
(c) A crackling radio station.
(d) A thief.

3. At the end of Chapter Two, Ish makes a list of the reasons he will survive better than many of the people he meets. Why does Ish believe he is better prepared to survive?
(a) He was a boy scout.
(b) He is physically stronger than most people.
(c) He has always preferred to do things alone.
(d) He went through survival training in Wyoming.

4. After Ish finds out Em is pregnant, what does he use to determine the end of the year?
(a) A dirty calendar.
(b) A chronograph.
(c) A surveyor's transit.
(d) A compass and a watch.

5. How does Ish find Em?
(a) Following her through the streets.
(b) Following a map.
(c) Following a light.
(d) Following a handwritten sign on a post.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Ish and Em come together, something happens that makes Ish panic, but Em turns it into a game. What happens?

2. What does Ish notice is peculiar about one of the towns he visits on his drive home from Black Creek?

3. Why do Em and Ish decide to keep Princess in the house during the infestation?

4. When Ish decides to drive over the bridge, what sight prevents him from going to the other city?

5. When Ish stays with the couple that he meets in the eastern city, he finds they will not leave. Why does Ish think they won't leave?

Short Essay Questions

1. What law does Ish believe needs to be in effect the next time any new people arrive in their area? Why?

2. What was the significance of Ish taking the hammer with him to meet Charlie instead of another weapon?

3. Why does Ish run away from the column of smoke?

4. Why are Bob and Dick so eager to use a brick to smash the door instead of the hammer?

5. What do Ish and Em have to refill in order to continue on their journey? How do they do this?

6. To what famous couple could the author be comparing Em and Ish?

7. Is Ish a good leader for the Tribe? Why or why not?

8. Has Ish changed over the years? Why?

9. How is Ish different at the end of the book than he was at the start?

10. When Ish goes to the library, he chooses two books to take home with him. Why do you think he chose these particular titles?

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