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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Ish and Ezra decide not to carve the year into the rock in Year Forty-three?
(a) Because they're the only two left who care.
(b) Because the children don't understand.
(c) Because it is too far to walk.
(d) Because it doesn't matter anymore.

2. In the beginning, how does Ish go about finding other people?
(a) Honks his car horn.
(b) Puts up a flag.
(c) Waits at a grocery store.
(d) Shoots a pistol in the air.

3. What can Joey do better than any of the other children?
(a) Draw.
(b) Read.
(c) Fight.
(d) Run.

4. What do the older members of the community notice that 
they think "pushes back the darkness" a little?
(a) The sudden arrival of visitors.
(b) The birth of children.
(c) The progress in building the village.
(d) The number of years everyone has survived.

5. What does Ish find when he arrives home after his trip to the east coast?
(a) His door is broken.
(b) His note is untouched.
(c) His parents left him a note.
(d) Someone has been in his home.

6. When Ish is older, he looks up one day while sitting on the hill and realizes that something is different. What is it?
(a) His son's wife has twins.
(b) Ezra is gone.
(c) Josey is cooking him supper.
(d) New houses have been built.

7. What animal do the children see for the first time in Year Nineteen?
(a) A mountain lion.
(b) An elk.
(c) A fox.
(d) A deer.

8. In Year Nine, (The Year of the Deaths) what causes almost everyone to
 become ill?
(a) Rotten food.
(b) A rat infestation.
(c) A visitor.
(d) Contaminated water.

9. What does Ish notice is peculiar about one of the towns he visits on his drive home from Black Creek?
(a) People are hiding in the courthouse.
(b) All the people are gone.
(c) An unfriendly, dirty man is yellilng at him.
(d) His car is making a strange noise.

10. During the Quick Years, the community tries to start a church. From what "church" does Maurine think Ish gets his ideas?
(a) The Church of Christ.
(b) The Skeptic Church.
(c) The Methodist Church.
(d) The Catholic Church.

11. What does Em tell Ish not to worry about before she dies?
(a) The children.
(b) Rebuilding the reservoir.
(c) Her burial.
(d) Being alone.

12. What type of animal begins to invade the city after Ish and Em find one another?
(a) Wild dogs.
(b) Rats.
(c) Feral cats.
(d) Birds.

13. On his trip back to his hometown from the east coast, Ish has to drive a long way around something. What causes Ish to detour?
(a) A flooded road.
(b) Massive wildfires.
(c) A man with a rifle.
(d) A broken bridge.

14. In the Quick Years, which new discovery or hobby causes the children to be so delighted 
they name Year Ten after it?
(a) Fishing.
(b) Kite-flying.
(c) Baseball.
(d) Racing.

15. How does George die?
(a) He falls off a ladder.
(b) He has a heart attack.
(c) He is mauled by a lion.
(d) He dies in his sleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. When pondering about mankind, Ish comes up with a definition for them. What definition does he use?

2. Why does Em move to Ish's house?

3. After Ish and Em come together, something happens that makes Ish panic, but Em turns it into a game. What happens?

4. While driving home from Black Creek, what does Ish see on the side of the road?

5. What does Ezra ask Ish to do after Em dies?

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