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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When pondering about mankind, Ish comes up with a definition for them. What definition does he use?
(a) The ravenous animal.
(b) The noise-producing animal.
(c) The diseased animal.
(d) The world-killing animal.

2. After Ish finds out Em is pregnant, what does he use to determine the end of the year?
(a) A compass and a watch.
(b) A dirty calendar.
(c) A surveyor's transit.
(d) A chronograph.

3. While cruising through town, what does Ish see on the flashing neon sign that he equates to the progress and downfall of civilization?
(a) A line of stars.
(b) A galloping horse.
(c) The temperature.
(d) A flashing hand of cards.

4. In Year Nine, (The Year of the Deaths) what causes almost everyone to
 become ill?
(a) Rotten food.
(b) A visitor.
(c) A rat infestation.
(d) Contaminated water.

5. During Ish's trip to the east, he meets a small family in Arkansas. What are they doing?
(a) Building a house.
(b) Raising animals and crops.
(c) Trying to start a car.
(d) Traveling toward the coast.

6. What type of animal begins to invade the city after Ish and Em find one another?
(a) Rats.
(b) Wild dogs.
(c) Feral cats.
(d) Birds.

7. While exploring the city, Ish meets a drunkard. What is the man's name?
(a) Ben.
(b) Asher.
(c) Barlow.
(d) Robert.

8. What event affects the house of Ish's neighbor that Ish refuses to fix?
(a) A severe storm.
(b) A clogged drain.
(c) An electrical fire.
(d) Ish wrecking his car.

9. Who rescued Evie when she was living alone?
(a) John.
(b) Ish.
(c) Em.
(d) Ezra.

10. After Ish meets the family in Arkansas, the author talks about the fall of mankind. Who does the writer say will truly be saddened by the death of man?
(a) Any remaining people.
(b) Lice.
(c) Livestock.
(d) Housepets.

11. What does Em decide to call the First Year?
(a) Year of plenty.
(b) Year of the ox.
(c) Year of the drought.
(d) Year of the baby.

12. While driving through the Mojave desert, why does Ish stop his car in the middle?
(a) His friend wants out.
(b) He feels ill.
(c) He becomes lost.
(d) The car overheats.

13. What animal do the children see for the first time in Year Nineteen?
(a) A mountain lion.
(b) An elk.
(c) A fox.
(d) A deer.

14. During the Quick Years, the community tries to start a church. From what "church" does Maurine think Ish gets his ideas?
(a) The Skeptic Church.
(b) The Church of Christ.
(c) The Methodist Church.
(d) The Catholic Church.

15. While exploring the city, Ish finds a body hanging from a telephone pole. What does the sign say that is attached to the body?
(a) Looter.
(b) Murderer.
(c) Beware of plague.
(d) Stay away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ish notice is peculiar about one of the towns he visits on his drive home from Black Creek?

2. What instrument does Ish play in the "Year We Sang"?

3. When Ish decides to drive over the bridge, what sight prevents him from going to the other city?

4. What animal does Ish see in his neighbor's yard that doesn't seem to belong there?

5. While Ish is alone in his house and pondering civilization, what does he decide he will never be?

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