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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3: Chapters 1 - 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Year Eleven, Molly is the first person to have this happen to her:
(a) Has a tooth removed.
(b) Goes through menopause.
(c) Has several gray hairs.
(d) Has a child die at birth.

2. What does Ish notice is peculiar about one of the towns he visits on his drive home from Black Creek?
(a) An unfriendly, dirty man is yellilng at him.
(b) His car is making a strange noise.
(c) All the people are gone.
(d) People are hiding in the courthouse.

3. Toward the end of the book, what question does Ish ask Jack that seems strange to the young man?
(a) "Where is Ezra?"
(b) "Are you happy?"
(c) "Do you remember Em?"
(d) "What time is it?"

4. What is the name of Ish and Em's second child?
(a) Josey.
(b) John.
(c) Mary.
(d) Robert.

5. How do Ish and Em decide to mark the years?
(a) By marking the object Ish carries with him.
(b) By chiseling into a large rock.
(c) By keeping a diary.
(d) By painting the pole of a streetsign outside their house.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Ish's trip to the east, he meets a small family in Arkansas. What are they doing?

2. After the fires in the city, Ish hides in a cave. What does Ish think is the most likely breed of the dogs in the cave?

3. While exploring the city, Ish meets a drunkard. What is the man's name?

4. When the city burns down at the end of the book, where do the men go first to wait out the fire in safety?

5. While sheltering from the fire with the young men, what container does Ish drink out of in the cave?

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