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Object Descriptions

Princess - This is an early companion that travels with the main character.

The Hammer - This object signifies power to the children of the Tribe, and it is almost lost in a fire.

San Lupo Drive - This is where Ish lives with his family before the virus strikes, and stays for the rest of his life.

Black Creek - This is a place where Ish stays during the outbreak.

Arkansas - This is a place where a family of negroes live off the land, farming instead of scavenging off of civilization.

The Bay Bridge - This is where Ish finds an abandoned car.

Los Angeles - This is where Charlie connects with two of the boys from Ish's tribe.

The Others - This is the title given to the people who want to merge with Ish's tribe.

Riverside Drive - This is where Ish spends...

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