Dune Messiah Fun Activities

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Spice Cooking

Each student chooses a spice that he/she feels is a good real-life substitute for the spice melange, and cooks something with it. As a class, vote on which recipe is the best. Criteria for winning can include exotic flavor, creativity, and a "science fiction" element.

Face Dancing

Each student attempts to mimic the Tleilaxu face dancers and take on the appearance of another person. Students can use 'props' or physical disguises and make-up, but they must also rely upon simply changing their facial expression to match that of their intended target. The student who creates the most accurate likeness wins.

Dune Survival Kit

Each student creates a desert survival kit that they would use to survive in desert conditions. Each survival kit must come with instructions and an explanation of what each item does, written by the student.

Dune Games, Part 1

As a class, bring...

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